Error 3005 Issue and Solution

More errors, and now error 3005 turns. This one happens to couple of users who play with a same connection, for example from dorm,  or home internet. Blizzard already stated that this is players issues, but as the problem has struck a huge amount of gamers, we can say that this one is actually the game issue, not players issue.

Error 3005

diablo 3 error 3005

There’re couples of speculation from players side about the error 3005 issue. Blizzard still haven’t released an official statement about this error, leaving players in frustration trying to play Diablo 3. Here’s some speculation about error 3005 that I learned after browsing the net.

Actually Blizzard is using some technology to prevent a dual login attempt probably by banning same IP login with different account. Some people speculates that this is the main reason of error 3005. A lot of people shares their connection to play Diablo 3. Example, on dorm, or your brother’s house, etc. This makes you and your friends log into the game with same IP address, and Blizzard’s technology somehow banned that IP for several times, with Error 3005 as the problem. This one still unconfirmed, but has a big possibility as a lot of gamers that experienced this problem are sharing their internet connection.

Another speculation is about the router issue. One of the gamers say that after changing his router by buying a new one, he was freed from Error 3005 issue. So this one indicates the compatibility of the router that caused the problem. However after some times, the error strikes back so I’m not sure about this one.

Some of gamers say that they got error 3005 when playing at home, but didn’t get any outside their home. So this one strongly indicates that the IP of his home was banned by the servers. The question is, why? Your neighbor steals your Wi-Fi to play Diablo 3, so both of you share the same connection? Well, another player also say that after the first time playing Diablo 3 for a 5 hours straight, and after trying to play Diablo 3 again, he will get Error 3005 once in every 5 minutes. How annoying!

Now my heads filled with Diablo 3 errors. Let me count, error 37, error 3003, error 3005, error 33, error 317002, and many more which I can’t mention one by one here. I know that Diablo 3 is a really amazing game, but what’s the meaning of amazing if there’re still a lot of players can’t play it due to errors? Even that the server popularity is so high, thus making the server too crowded and can’t cover the huge amount of traffic, Blizzard must have already anticipated it since long time ago, as the error already shows up from the beta phase.

In the end, let’s pray. Let’s hope that we won’t see any error 37, or error 3003, or error 3005, or any kind of error in the future.  Let’s hope that Blizzard can manage to solve this problem, and I believe they’re working hard on doing so. So in the end, good luck for Blizzard and be patient guys!