Error 3003 Issue and Solution

Error 37 can’t take all the glory by itself, right? So there it is, Error 3003 also join the party. Ironic, how the server issue can become such a hot topic on the net. Even the boss, Diablo, couldn’t stand against Error 3003 and Error 37.

Error 3003

Diablo 3 error 3003

This Error 3003 indicates that the server is currently undergoing some maintenance by Blizzard. Error 3003 has raised some popularity due to its sudden appearance in Sunday gaming session (I’m trying to be dramatic here) as it stunned a lot of gamers who already wait for Sunday to come to play Diablo 3. Disappointed gamers is inevitable, and once again the took the blame as a wave of disappointed gamers flooding about error 3003 there.

Weird to think that after a long beta phase, and now the game has entered its one week old, Diablo 3 is still unstable. Error issue like Error 3003 or the other famous Error 37 still common in our eyes. I questioned Blizzard for this, as this issue like overloaded server (Error 37) was already happened since the beta. And after the game released, the error still hasn’t been solved. This gives us indication that Blizzard is not prepared for this, as the game keeps growing in the number of players resulting in more error.

I also wonder, why the server must undergone some maintenance (error 3003) on Sunday. Everybody knows that Sunday is the game time, and still Blizzard take the risk on doing maintenance on Sunday. However, after searching for information on the net I can barely say that the Error 3003 maintenance is about solving the hacking issues due to the upcoming opening of Auction House (real money gg). Well, I know it’s a really big problem and needs to be solved quickly, but why now? Diablo 3 has a very long development phase and beta phase, why after the game being released there’s still a lot of bug.

Speaking a little about the auction house, the account hack issues surely make players uncomfortable. What if after they invest some of real life money into the game, and then their account is hacked by the hacker. Blizzard's move on implementing this brilliant feature seems being followed by a couple of problem like this hacking issues, and are their job to give players guarantee of their character security. It's a must for a top class game like Diablo 3, they won't make 11 years of development gone into ash because of this problem right?

Of course we hope that soon we will be able to have a stable server with no bug in it. I believe that Blizzard is working so hard to solve the problem and giving us the best service on this epic game. Also note that Blizzard has apologized about the Error 3003 and promised to solved it as soon as possible. Well, we don’t want to have this kind of epic game with too much error in it, right? Diablo 3 is a great game, such a waste if Blizzard didn't fix the problem as soon as possible.

Error 3003 post – Fin ^^