E3 2012: Best Games from Ubisoft

The 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 2012 has generated many anticipation and hopes for gamers because E3 2012 is the place for the big game developer to promote their upcoming game release. the fans are also spoiled by the new Unreal Engine 4 that will promised to bring a new look on the upcoming game release. For some of us E3 2012 is all about the games...! there are a lot of new games to be anticipated. most of games that is released in E3 2012 is the sequel or DLC from the last years games, but don't you worry about that, there is also some surprise we have from E3 2012 for this year's release that will blow your mind. Here we will discuss more on E3 2012 games that we think will glue you to your seat.

E3 2012 Upcoming Games From Ubisoft

Assassin's Creed III - E3 2012

Assassin's Creed III - Ubisoft really put a good job in recreating the tense of the new born assassin in the creed. As covered in E3 2012 the new release in the Assassins Creed series is more promising than the last release the Assassins Creed Revelation. Its got new style written all over it, unfortunately Ezio wont be the main character, but don't be disappointed because the new character Connor Kenway's is promised to bring new color to the series. The quest is set in the backdrop of the American Revolution with rich historical background. Ubisoft seem to take a new spread on the gameplay, quest have consequences on the main story line so whether you failed or succeeded the consequences wont be the same. And this will surely add more replay value to the game. And the impression from the fan that attended the E3 2012 showed high anticipation

Watch Dogs - E3 2012

Watch Dogs - Another highly anticipated game promoted in E3 2012 from Ubisoft Montreal , its the new color in gaming promised to bring more gameplay options which involve hacking and surveillance. In the open world action adventure game, in Watch Dogs players can hack into various electronic systems, to obtain and control information or just to destroy those devices completely. Jonathan Morin the Ubisoft Montreal's Creative director said that Watch Dogs is designed overcome the limits of today's open world games, referencing both its use of information as a plot point, and allow players to have control of the city using its hacking mechanics.

Far Cry3 - E3 2012

Far Cry 3 - It is another release from Ubisoft that is scheduled to be released on September this year as promoted in E3 2012. Its uses Dunia Engine 2 a heavily modified Cry Engine. Just like the first series of the game, Far Cry 3 come back to the tropical island full of insane people to kill, the gameplay involves stealth take downs, surveillance, great shooting mechanics, its a big leap from its previous release and it has ten times larger map and more cool cinematics. As seen in The E3 2012 demos covering Far Cry 3 shows promising character development as we can see the hero is not all hard and ready Rambo, the main character Jason Brody, separated from his girlfriend and trapped in the tropical island full of people with insanity problems, the story will impact Jason's character development further in the game. At E3 2012, it was announced that there will also be a co-op campaign with it's own story and characters. It can be played with two players playing on split screen or up to four players online.