Page of Blacksmithing - Explanation and Tips

Page of Blacksmithing is an item in Diablo 3 that is used to upgrade your  Blacksmithing level after Master. A lot of people still confuse about how to get this item and how to use it. Also many have questioned, is the skill worth a raise? In this guide I will explain a couple of detail about Page of Blacksmithing. Enjoy ^^

Page of Blacksmithing

Page of Blacksmithing

Page of Blacksmithing is a page of training that is used by Blacksmith to increase the mastery of their craft. The Page of Blacksmithing is used starting when trying to upgrade from Master to Grandmaster and above. Here’s the requirement for each level

Starting level of Blacksmithing

Total 12.000 Gold to upgrade

Total 22.000 Gold to upgrade

Total 31.000 Gold to upgrade

Total 43.000 Gold and 5 Page of Blacksmithing to upgrade

Total 75.000 Gold and 25 Page of Blacksmithing to upgrade

Total 80.000 Gold, 20 Page of Blacksmithing, and 5 Tome of Blacksmithing to upgrade

Total 100.000 Gold and 25 Tome of Blacksmithing to upgrade

Total 105.000 Gold, 20 Tome of Blacksmithing, and 5 Tome of Secrets to upgrade

Total 125.000 Gold, 30 Tome of Secrets to upgrade

In total, you will need 593.000 Gold, 50 Page of Blacksmithing, 50 Tome of Blacksmithing, and 35 Tome of Secrets to upgrade your blacksmithing level to maximum.

How to get it?
You can get Page of Blacksmithing start from Act 1 in Nightmare mode. You will only get it on Nightmare mode and above, you will not get any on normal mode. Note that to have the access to Nightmare mode, you have to complete the normal mode first, I mean defeating Diablo on normal mode. As of Tome of Blacksmithing, is on Hell mode, and Tome of Secrets on Inferno mode. You can find a lot of people selling Page of Blacksmithing on Auction Hall. It’s on crafting/mats, look for artisan, and choose Page of Blacksmithing. Well, I suggest to hunt for yourself, as it saves money plus extra experience while searching for it.

How to upgrade?
To upgrade your Blacksmith level, first you need to train it for 5 times. In the fifth training, you will level up the skill, and in Grandmaster level above, will require extra item. For example for level grandmaster, first 4 train only requires Gold for the train, but on the fifth train session, will requires gold and 5 Page of Blacksmithing before you can train. The last train also upgrade your Blacksmithing level.

Blacksmithing is not a cheap profession, as it requires a lot of gold. However, you can get a lot of decent gears from it. The results of your blacksmithing is random actually, but sometimes you can get pretty good gears which surpass all the gear you found on the ground. Pure luck if I can say, and sometimes if your luck is good, a great weapon will be produced :D

That’s all to cover the question about Page of Blacksmithing, as a lot of player seems to get confused and stuck in Master level of Blacksmithing. I hope after reading this guide, you can understand about Blacksmithing. Thanks for reading ^^