Wakfu Beginner Guide

Wakfu is quite a difficult game to begin with, especially with 12 character class to choose from. But do not worry as the time goes on, even the first timers will found out that Wakfu is not that hard. To make it easier, here is the beginner guide for Wakfu, which covers 5 basic guide at the beginning of wakfu. Hopefully, after reading this Wakfu beginner guide, you can play and understand Wakfu better. At the beginning, it is actually obvious, you need to sign up, download the client's application, start the game by login, and lastly, create your own character. If you confuse of which character you should choose, some of the best class for first timer in Wakfu is including Cra, Iop, Sacrier, and Sram. As for point allocation, just spend it all on your HP.



Guide 1: First area
In this chapter, you need to open the spells window and assign fire speel to the toolbar in order to gain spell xp. Then, use the Fire spell to defeat your very first enemy in Wakfu, the bow meow. Spend 5 points for HP and save another 5 until you decided how you will build your character's class. At level 5, all of your basic abilities will become available.
Next on, go through the zaap to go another zone to fight a wodents and iop lady. This time, you should have unlock your 4th spell.

Guide 2: learn about Combat and Ecosystem
Continue on the Wakfu beginner guide, just go through zaap one more time to go to different zone, which bring you to the other side of the bridge. In this Wakfu's guide chapter, you will learn about the combat system as well as the ecosystem around the world of Wakfu. For Combat, you will learn it on the Pandawa training Dojo with all 3 Trial rooms and just continue on with the story, which lead you to the end of this chapter. Next on, you are ready to choose your nation in Wakfu.

Guide 3: Choose your Nation
In this part of Wakfu guide, you need to decide which nation to choose in Wakfu. Considering a couple of choice to find the one that suit your needs would be recommended. Next, talk to the fat cat and you will sent to the ground level. Kill all creatures in this area until you reach level 5 then go to the Center of AStrub and obtain some good drop items by killing Humanoid enemies. Once you obtain 3 feathers, talk to the Owl Twice and you will receive Haven bag and passport.

Guide 4: Level up to Level 15
Nothing special in this 4th wakfu beginner guide, just level up your character to level 15 in order to make the next part in Wakfu easier

Guide 5: Find some friends
This is pretty important to make friends as you are now be able to hunt in parties.You can ask someone in a guild to join you in order to hunt as well as other social activities or profession in Wakfu.