Mari0 Review - Super Mario Bros Combined with Portal from Valve

Mari0 is a new game that created by combining two different gameplay that originally came from completely different game as well as era, which is Super Mario Bros from Nintendo and Portal from Valve. Stabyourself as the developereven claimed that this Mari0 game is actually the recreated version of the famous Super Mario Bros game, with an addition of Portan Gun mechanic. And the result, Mario got a portal gun in order to finish his mission. Not crazy enough? then what about you play the multiplayer mode with up to 4 player cooperation when everyone got their own portal gun, as provided by this mari0 game.

So, what are the main features of mari0 game? as claimed from the developer's site, this mari0 will offers the following features:
  • A complete recreation gameplay from the famous Super Mario Bros
  • A couple of elements addition from Portal
  • Portal Gun that useful to shoots portals
  • multiplayer mode with up to 4 player cooperating simultaneously
  • Level editor that allow players to create their own level in game
  • 33 different hats for Mario to wear
  • Downloadable mappacks that gives extra map to play
  • Game modifiers that allow players to modif some of the aspect in the game for extra fun gameplay



    This mari0 game is now available for free on various platform, including Linux, OSX, and PC. The concept of mari0 is actually a great idea as combining each aspect on Super Mario Bros, that has been sold for over 40 million copies and has made Nintendo known worldwide, with the first person puzzle platform, Portal, that has been sold for over 4 million copies via Steam.

    Unfortunately, some bugs are still disturbing the whole mari0 gameplay. Some of the fix for the bugs has been found, but some others are still unable to be fixed. Probably Stabyourself as the developer will release the fix or updates in order to fix the bugs for better gaming experience. And so, the known bugs of mari0 are including:
    • Jumps tended to stutter; can be fixed by turning off the sound in the options menu
    • The sound randomly cut out at some points; can also be fixed by turning off the sound in the options menu
    • Hanged after grabbed a star and become invisible, sometimes even force the player to quit the game
    • The wall that should be shot using the Portal gun is not always clear
    • A few wall sections that looks like a target for Portal guns is not responding
    • The game is unplayable without 2 button mouse 
    But in the end, although there is still so many bugs in mari0, this whole mari0 game is definitely live up to the name of Super Mario Bros as well as Portal. So, if you have enough time to kill, just try to download and play this mari0. But be aware that if you become addictive to mari0 game and care about nothing but completing the game. Really, nothing less could expected from a group that has release some of other great titles beside mari0, including Not Tetris, Ortho Robot, and many others.