Feral Druid Beginner Guide

Feral Druid is probably the best class on WoW if you find a character that able to inflict great damage. Besides it great damage, this class also known as one of the fastest levelers of the various Druid builds, which certainly faster than some other classes. So in short, Feral Druid is a versatile class. However, no matter how good a class is, it would do no harm to enemies if you can't built it into its maximum potential. So, if you found difficulties as building your own character with Feral class, this guide will easily tells you where to start and what to do with your character.

First of all, you need to choose the race for Feral Druid. It is actually pretty difficult as you have a couple of choices, including Alliance - Night Elf, Horde - Tauren, Alliance - Worgen, and Horde - Trolls. Each and every race has their own advantages and disadvantages, so lets know more about each race in order to determine which race should you choose:

Feral Druid

Feral Druid

  • Night Elf; This race will allows you to be able to ambush better thanks to the Shadowmeld that stacks with your stealth. Quickness of Night Elf also makes you harder to hit, which is not a bad chance.
  • Worgen; Choosing this race will allow your character to be able to run faster periodically, though it is a pity that it doesn't stack with your travel form or even your increased speed talents. Another advantage of this race is you will get Increased Critical that surely useful when you in a pinch.
  • Tauren; With more health as well as War Stomp, you will easily stun enemies and it could helps a lot on PvP or when you need to run out of combat.
  • Trolls; Probably the best race for Feral Druid as the Berserk is able to increase the already high attack of this class of Druid. Other advantage such as Regeneration, Greater damage, Increased critical chance, and Reduced duration of movements even makes this race looks as the most suitable race for Feral Druid.

After choosing the race, the next thing to consider as Feral Druid is to spend 31 points in Feral. All the basic abilities of Feral Druid are including:
  • Mange; able to inflict damage as well as adds bleed
  • Aggression; increase attack power
  • Vengeance; for bears only. When you take damage, your attack power will be increased
  • Feral Instinct; sneakier than before
  • Master: Savage Defender; able to inflict more damage
  • Razor Claws; add bleeds for more damage

In the end, there is no such thing as the best set up for you as Feral Druid, whether it is in term of race or the points spend for Feral basic abilities. The only thing that make the character best, just match it with your gameplay as it will feels like your build for Feral Druid is definitely the best. The same thing also can be said about choosing profession, items, weapons, and many other setup that required to build a perfect Feral Druid.