Minecraft for Free - Is it Possible?

Minecraft for free is actually obtainable if its only a beta version or demo version. However, to get a full features Minecraft, you need to purchase it from the game distributor. Before going to far to know how to obtain Minecraft for free, let us take a look a while back when Minecraft was first developed and launched, for free. At the beginning, Minecraft is made as an independent video game that written in Java by Markus Persson, a Swedish. Continue on, the Minecraft has been developed further into a more commercial sandbox building game by Markus Persson's company called Mojang. Minecraft itself is a game that focusing on player's creativity to build construction from various textured cubes with different feature in a 3D world of Minecraft. There are two main mode of Minecraft, which is Survival mode that requires players to acquire resources as well as maintain it to go further in the game, and the Creative mode where the players are given an unlimited supply of resources since the beginning without health or hunger to maintain. And recently, there is the third game mode called Hardcore, which is actually as the survival but offers higher difficulty and requires player to delete their world upon death.

Back in the beginning, there is a way to get Minecraft for free as Mojang has developed an Clasic version that released for free. Unfortunately, this classic free version of Minecraft is no longer being developed as Mojang includes this classic mode into the paid version and change its name into Creative mode.

Minecraft for Free

Minecraft for Free

As mentioned before, Minecraft was originally an independent game that should be coming for free, so many gamers and Minecraft fans are should be able to get Minecraft without any charge. However, that has to be changed after Mojang see the potential of making the Minecraft commercials. So they start to released the Alpha version of Minecraft in 2009, then followed by a beta version on later 201 for PC. Continue on releases of minecraft, Mojang decided to take place on mobile gaming by launching Minecraft for iOS as well as Android mobile devices. None of them are free, but until 2012, Minecraft has been sold for more than 5 million units.  

Looking at the money it could gain, it seems that Mojang will never release Minecraft for free, even for Android that actually famous thanks to its line of free application on Android market. So, there is actually nothing you can do to get a free version of Minecraft, expect by doing these two followings things.

First method is surely to download the demo version, which is free to download for limited time. Different game sellers are limiting the Minecraft for free for different time, but mostly it is only offers 1 hours of play. Some other offers more as they only limiting the features of the free demo Minecraft. As the second method is to wait for a promotional event. As a famous game that has been sold for more than 5 million copies, there will be a time when this game will receive major update, or even a sequel. Like in the announcement of Android version, there is a limited free Minecraft copies. Either way, it is always better to purchase the game legally, or try the demo of Minecraft for free instead of find a crack to get the full version without paying at all, because that is a crime.