Minecraft Redstone Crafting Guide

For Minecrafter, Redstone probably a very useful object. But for beginners, this Minecraft Redstone could be a very confusing material as there is various function offered by this material. At the beginning, you could find Redstone pretty far down below the ground, which is close to Lava layer as well as Diamond layer. That's a pretty deep down layer there. But that deep layer is worth the function of this redstone. For a start, you can use the Minecraft Redstone to prevent any thief to broke your house on multiplayer server and stole your stuff. It is can be done by creating an iron door and wired it with a redstone circuit. Interested to find more? read the article further!

The first and basic function of Minecraft Redstone is you can use it as a crafting material. Here is some craft that you can make with the Minecraft Redstone that combined with other materials:

Redstone Torch; To make this item, just simply place a piece of Minecraft Redstone on top of a stick. You even don't need a crafting bench to create this item. But although it is simple to make, Redstone Torch probably is one of the most important thing that you can make with redstone. It is besides it acts as an inverter in circuits, Redstone Torch also able to acts as a power source in redstone circuits as it is able to powers the wire for up to 15 blocks. The drawback of Redstone Torch is you can only get 1 item out of 4 that usually normal torches can make with their recipe. Another drawback is you cannot use the redstone torch as  replacement for normal torch as it only has the half of the normal torch's light output and will not prevent enemy to spawn

Minecraft Redstone

Minecraft Redstone

Compass; You need to have a piece of Minecraft Redstone as well as 4 iron ingots to create this item. As the name describes, this item is a necessary tool for you who want to wander away from your starting points as Compass will points exactly to where your spawn is located. All you need to do left is to find your spawn to load up stuff to your chest or find your way main base easily if its built around the spawn area.

Clock; You require to combine a piece of Minecraft Redstone and 4 gold ingots to create Clock. The function of this item is quite clear as it can tells the time of day. Although it is basically not very useful, this item will be extremely important where you are underground or some other place where you cannot look outside.

Note Block; To create this item, you require a piece of Minecraft Redstone as well as 8 planks. Just made so the 8 planks surrounding the Minecraft Redstone and you are done. You can activate the Note Block by two methods; the first method is activate it via redstone torch underneath, while the second method by wiring redstone dust on the side of it. You can even create your own symphony by wiring the Note Block with redstone circuit.

Besides those item above, you can also create various other item with Minecraft Redstone as the main material, including Dispenser as well as Redstone circuits components that surely will helps a lot in the game. So the conclusion is, although you need to go deep into the ground's layer, this Minecraft Redstone is worth the efforts.