Pandora Saga Daily Quests

Pandora Saga daily quests are the side quests that each player can complete once a day. In each day, the quest will be changed and resets around midnight PST, but only after you completed each of Pandora Saga daily quest. If not, you cannot do any other Pandora Saga daily quests until you have completed the quests. As for the requirement, your character need to be at least level 25 and above. About the daily quests itself, there are about 11 daily quests of all, which surely can be completed in only 11 days if you are able to complete each quest per day. So, without further ado, here is the list of Daily Quests in Pandora Saga:

Quest 1 [Level 25-40]: Warrior Training Academy I; To get this first Pandora Saga daily quest, you need to talk to Kax in Royal Street. Then, you will be asked to get 10 Bloody Pelts. You need to kill following monster to get the bloody pelts: Cape Jackals L26, Cape Jackals L26, Morax L32, Raling Sentinel L33. After you got the 10 items, talk to Labowski and you will get 30XP as the reward

Quest 2 [Level 30-40]: Warrior Training Academy II; Require you to talk to Rex in Royal Street and you need to kill 10 Skull Pulveriziers L32. You will get 5,500 gold as well as 110k XP as the rewards

Quest 3 [Level 35-45]: Warrior Training Academy III; Talk to Kix in Royal Street and kill 10 Glow Larva L38 and 10 Soldier Ant L40, and talk to Labowski when you are done. you will receive 180k XP as the reward

Quest 4 [Level 26-36]: Exorcism; This Pandora Saga daily quest will starts after you talk to Sarnia in Imperial Way, then kill 15 Larva L24 at night. You will receive 4,000 gold as well as 50k XP as the rewards

Quest 5 [Level ]28-40: Collect White Crystals; Talk to Igor on Royal Street and then get 20 White Crystals from Booming Flies L18, Cape Jackals L26, and Drone Ants L20. The rewards are 3,500 gold and 55k XP

Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga

Quest 6 [Level 31-41]: Confederation Assault Team; You need to talk to Miriam in Confederation Road in order to get this quest, which requires you to kill 10 Kobold Raiders L32 that can be found on Foothills of Mt. Jorito. The rewards are 5,500 gold and 100k XP

Quest 7 [Level 33-40]: Gather Pelts; Talk to Drudd in Central Plaza to receive quest to gather 30 Bloody Pelts. Just go to Nelstadt Plains and kill Cape Jackals L28 to obtain the pelts. The rewards are 4,500 gold and 120k XP

Quest 8 [Level 36-45]: The Beauty's Lament; Go to Imperial Way to talk to Dorothea. She will give you a quest to collect 25 Piercing Claws from Vampire Bats L39. Do so and you will get 6,000 gold and 220k XP as rewards

Quest 9 [Level 38-40]: Trespasser in the Kingdom; Talk to Vandolov in Royal Street and kill 15 Wretch L39 in order to get 6,500 gold and 250k XP as rewards

Quest 10 [Level 40]: Spiritual Medium Mania; Go to Royal Street and talk to Camill to receive this Pandora Saga daily quest, which requires you to kill Muldian monster and get 66 Superior Souls. You will receive 6,666 gold as well as 666,666 XP as the rewards

Quest 11 [Level 45]: Side Quests; In order to get this Pandora Saga daily quest, you need to talk to Ralton in Confederation Road. Then, you need to kill Kobolds L38 or above in order to get 30 Pristine Hide. The rewards for this last Pandora Saga daily quest is quite awesome, which will grant you with 8,000 gold and 1 million XP.