Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 - Installation Guide

Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 is one of the most popular Mod for Minecraft. But the interesting is, even so this mod for Minecraft is popular, this mod actually don't do anything in game like many other mods for Minecraft. Actually, the name already spill all of the mod function. Where most of the mods for Minecraft does change something in term of graphic, object, or even gameplay on the game, this Mod's main function is to loads Mods. No wonder that this mod become very popular as it allows Minecrafters (Minecraft fans and players) to easily install and run any Mod. Some even said that ModLoader is the must have Mod for Minecraft players.

On the other hand, Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 becomes such a platform for every modders and mod they created. Most of the time, some Mods that you downloaded probably require you to install ModLoader first before finally able to use the downloaded Mod properly. Although it makes the modder's work easier, it still has a single backward, which is requires you to use the same version of ModLoader as the version of Minecraft. Because if its not the same version, then your Mod and ModLoader will not be able to work properly. So, it is recommended to know your version of Minecraft first before deciding to install any Mod, including ModLoader. The best thing probably is to install the latest Minecraft game as it is easier to determine which Mod and ModLoader that you need to use.

For beginners in Minecraft, installing Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 would be pretty difficult as it is involving the main system's files as well as command lines. It is difficult because one small mistake can lead you to reinstall the game from the beginning. However, most Minecrafter that already uses ModLoader as well as other Mods that change something in the game, playing Minecraft without Mod at all would like avoiding the best part of this game itself. So, in order to know the best of Minecraft and increase the fun as well as gaming experience of this game, installing ModLoader and other Mods afterwards is definitely a step that every Minecrafter should takes.

Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3

Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3

Luckily, this latest version of ModLoader, the Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 makes all Mod installing much more easier, which claimed that even beginners in Minecraft will be able to install Mod with the first try, surely after reading some installation guide. To install Mod using this latest version of ModLoader, the user actually only need to copy and paste the mod in specific and leave the rest of difficult task to ModLoader, which leave you in how to install the ModLoader itself.  So, read the installation guide below:

ModLoader 1.2.3 Installation in Windows

1. Go to Start Menu, choose Run and type in %appdata%
2. Go to .minecraft/bin
3. Open minecraft.jar with  WinRAR
4. Drag and drop the files to minecraft.jar
5. Delete META-INF folder
6. Enjoy

Hopefully, this guidance will helps you a lot through installing Minecraft ModLoader 1.2.3 and installing other useful Mods for Minecraft afterwards in order to get better gaming experience and enchance the fun.