Cubefield 2 Review

Cubefield 2 is a perfect game for you who search for a simple yet highly addictive game. It is simply because the gameplay of this game is definitely able to make you addicted, despite of the simple gameplay. For your information, Cubefield 2 is the latest game by Max Abernethy of that known for their addictive flash game. Many people that has tried this game found out that this game are extremely addictive as they cannot stop playing the game for long time, though the main gameplay of this game is only to dodge the obstacles.

About the gameplay, you will play as a grey arrow in this Cubefield 2. You can use the left and right arrow keys in order to control the grey arrow. At the beginning, you probably found it very easy to control the green arrow but as the time passes, your arrow will be travelling at high speed which makes it harder to control. Not to mention that you have to avoid cubes from a gigantic plane in order to complete the game. After each time, the speed will begin to keep up the pace and there will be more cubes, which makes this Cubefield 2 even more challenging than ever. If you are able to last longer to avoid any of those cubes for long time, then your score will be higher than other who crash on the cube.

Cubefield 2

Cubefield 2

The most interesting thing on this Cubefield 2 is the action will not stop until you die, except if you pause it. There is no level at all so you won't have time to take a break as there are more cube to avoid in higher speed. Even so, there is some time when the game change color and scheme, which is a sign that you have reach higher level with higher speed and higher number of cube, though there is no implicit sign of level.

Another thing that interesting in Cubefield 2 is probably the graphic, as it is already coming in 3D design. Not only the cube, but the 3D design of game plane certainly is great. Though you probably won't have enough time to be amaze by the 3D design of the plane as well as other object.

And the last thing that possibly makes this Cubefield 2 really addictive is the simple control. Not only the main game control that requires only left and right arrow key, but also the whole game control that requires you to not use mouse click at all. For example, you just need to press spacebar in order to play new game at the starting page. Although it is a small different, but it could make people love to play this game for long.

The only downside of this game probably that there is no music or sound effect at all. But Max said that it is more comfortable as more fun to listen to your own choice of MP3 as you play this Cubefield 2 game.