Starcraft Master Level 1 - 15 Guide

Starcraft Master is the latest official Custom Map of StarCraft 2 that surely interesting for every StarCraft 2 players that want to improve their StarCraft 2 multiplayer skills. There are 30 levels of challenges in this map. However, if you ever already had played this custom map and found it too difficult, you can always check the level by level guide below, though this guide only covers the basic level of 1 -15.

Level 1; in this first simple level of Starcraft Master, just simply move one marine in circles in order to avoid to be hit by Zealot. Meanwhile, have other attacking the zealot constantly

Level 2; Move your stalkers back, shoot and back again

Level 3; Move all of your zealots to the back of platform and squeeze them between the rubble and southern ledge. Next, just attack the lings

Level 4; in this Starcraft Master level, you just need to shift queue attack commands to kill each one. Move back the unit with low hp and switch with higher Hp unit. Repeat the process until you complete the level

Level 5; attack spine with both stalkers, pretty similar with Level 4 trick

Starcraft Master

Starcraft Master

Level 6; move to the south and wait until the marines go back to the top. Then, move your lings and burrow on the bottom side. Next, when the marines move to your lings, unburrow

Level 7; Attack with colossus and move off the ledge and force lings to run back around when they get to the top of ramp. Move the colossus up the ledge when lings almost at the colossus. Repeat until you complete the level

Level 8; Easily done as you only need to blink a stalker in between two siege tanks. You will also earn an achievement in this Starcraft Master level

Level 9; you need to attack the bunker with three roaches. Burrow and unborrow roaches is the key to win this level as you also will earn an achievement

Level 10; Move back all the forces so the roaches on the bottom won't be able to support the roaches on top. Attack roaches on top with everything and kill the rest of the enemy

Level 11; This Starcraft Master level is pretty difficult. First, you need to storm with half of marines and use the other half in the second storm. If you can't beat it yet, use the high templars to keep few marines in storm

Level 12; To complete this Starcraft Master level, you need to throw an infested terran to the left marine pack and wait 3 seconds before throwing the second in the middle. Wait for another 3 seconds and throw the third below the higher HP marine. Next, wait for 6 seconds and repeat with the same pattern until you have 2 infested terrans left. Throw each of them next of each tanks at the same time to make the tanks kill each other

Level 13; One of the easiest level in Starcraft Master as you only need to move your probes to your cannon and hit hold position

Level 14; Pretty difficult Starcraft Master level. First, throw forcefields around all your sentries or stalkers while at the same time covering partially the zealots

Level 15: Turn the 2 high templar into archone, then smash the ffs and let archon and zealots kill everything to complete this level of Starcraft Master