League of Legends - Riven Guide for Beginners

In this Riven guide, you will know what are the best built in term of skill, masteries and spell in order to maximize Riven's potential in League of Legends. Many players would choose Riven due to its cool and cute image, though other reason would be that Riven is able to dealt high damage late in the game. However,  let's see what are the advantages and disadvantage of choosing Riven in this game first.

  • High damage late in the game
  • Able to use spells with low CDs
  • No resource system
  • All Riven skills scale off AD

  • Less sustainable
  • Weak on solo lane
  • Weaker in laning, even compared to bruisers
  • Weak in early game
  • Quite difficult to built at the beginning

Riven Guide

Riven guide

In order to cover that weakness, you can try to follow this Riven guide by using 21/9/0 Masteries in order to get the highest damage possible early in the game, which will become even more trembling damage late in the game. However, this Masteries allocation has also some weaknesses, including will set Riven at 500 Hp level one as well as provides less bonus stats. You can always use any other allocation that fit your gameplay best, though you are also welcome to follow this Riven guide in term of Masteries.

After Masteries, this Riven guide will continue on the list of Summoner Spells that perfect for Riven built, however, it is only a guide so you have the rights to follow or not to follow it. The best Summoner Spells for Riven are Flash, Ghost, Ignite, or Exhaust. Flash definitely is a great choice, but as you already learn from this Riven guide that Riven doesn't have the ability to burst, Flash is not useful for offensive. However, it still a great option for defensive. As for the Ghost, it is probably better choice than Flash as Ghost is better for Melee classes that rely much on auto attacking, just like this Riven. While Ignite would be the best choice of offensive as it could inflict extra damage in 1v1 scenarios, the better choice would be Exhaust as this spell is very useful for the most part of the game, not only in 1v1 scenarios.

Next in this Riven guide for beginners is the Skills that Riven will obtain. There are 5 skills of Riven, including Runic Blade, Broken Wings, Ki Burst, Valor, and Blade of Exile. The recommended skill order to improves in this Riven guide is to max out the Broken Wings first. It is because this skill inflicting low auto damage at the beginning. The other recommended skill order is to improves the level of Valor first as it makes laning easier for Riven, who weak on laning.

In the end, this Riven guide is not meant to control your gameplay while using Riven in League of Legends, but this Riven guide gives you enough information and suggestion instead. The decision still rests in your hands, whether to follow this Riven guide to build your Riven or not.