Sim City 4 - Changes from Sim City 3000

Sim City 4 is certainly better in various aspects compared to the other previous version of this series, including the Sim City 3000. But, you will be surprised that there are actually a lot of stuff that has been changed in Sim City 4 compared to Sim City 3000. This article will cover almost all the gameplay change, which exclude the graphic, audio, or other specifications change as that surely is a must for every sequel. Here is it!

Neighbors is probably the biggest change of all in Sim City 4. The difference are including the way the neighboring cities handled. If on the previous version you will start your city with four surrounding city. This latest series makes you build them all in the begining. This is surely more difficult as you can no longer rely on the quick cash income by building landfill or getting garbage from neighbors. In short, you have to start one city in the beginning, save it, then exit to the main screen. Then, you need to start another new city on one of the original's borders, where the real play starts.

The second main change on Sim City 4 is the budget. This is also makes the game more difficult as your budget is now calculated monthly, not yearly as the previous version do. For most experience Sim City player, this change surely will also change some strategies to collect cash. However, this change also has advantage, which is able to speed the game up.

Sim City 4

Sim City 4

Resident Wealth become the third change as you can no longer to build for any zone in term of get more populations and taxes. In the latest Sim City, you can only house several hundred people in a large building. There are also 3 categories of people and business, including poor, middle-class, and wealthy.

Taxes system also changed in Sim City 4, but it is quite advantageous as you can have more control of taxes. It means that you can set taxes for every categoryes of people and business, starting from poor to wealthy. Another addition of taxes is you are now set the taxes to the tenth of a percent

Another big change coming in Shared demand, which is means that if a city become a huge metropolis, then there will be a high farm demand. This makes you need to build a farm town in the neighborhood in order to fulfill the demand. This way, the city people will be happy due to the number of farms, while the farm town citizen will be happy with the attractions on big city.

There are also various new additional structures, including new power plants as well as other city structures. Though each of the advanced structure such as nuclear power plant needs to fulfill some requirements before it is able to be build.

Advising staff also changed in this version of Sim City as they are way more helpful than before. Some of the things they do are including individual building reports in a form of internet hyperlinks, which makes you easier to take action about the building in Sim City 4.