Silent Hill Downpour Preview

Silent Hill Downpour is the latest version of the famous thriller game Silent Hill series, which is still at upcoming state right now. With this game, the Silent Hill series has reached its eighth installment since the first Silent Hill game, that is why this game also bear Silent Hill 8 as a tentative title. Developed by Vatra Games and soon to be published by Konami Digital Entertainment, this game is expected to be released on March 13, 2012 on various platforms, including Play Station 3 and Xbox 360. The interesting thing is, the PlayStation 3 version of Silent Hill Downpour will be coming as the first 3D game of Silent Hill series.

Similar with all previous version of the Silent Hill series, Silent Hill Downpour will be coming with combat and puzzle solving gameplay with third person view. However, it also includes fixed camera views as well. Also, similar with the previous series, players will be able to access some firearms as well as melee weapons in this game, though the players will only able to carry one melee weapon at a time. Vatra Games claimed that this latest game will bring more difficult puzzle with difficulty selections as well as more challenging side quests that would change depends on the player's play style. Another change in the game will be there is no buildings featured such as hospital or school, like the one in the previous game. However, the element of water will hold an important role as torrential rain is featured.

Silent Hill Downpour

Silent Hill Downpour

Story wise, Silent Hill Downpour will follow the main protagonist story called Murphy Pendleton, who is actually a prisoner who stranded in Silent Hill town. The game will then focusing on Murphy instead of the series myths like the one offered in last game. Also, Downpour will take place in an area that have never
been explored in any previous Silent Hill games before, the southeastern region. This makes the Downpour promises a brand new experience, especially in story and area.

Besides the story and gameplay, another aspect that need to be paid a lot of attention from Silent Hill Downpour is the audio. With featuring soundtracks that belong the industrial musical genre, Downpour is promised to offers something that cannot be compared to any previous version of Silent Hill games. Some of the reason are because Downpour will using the sound that produced by either organic object as well as musical instrument, which makes the sound quality as well as soundtracks of this Silent Hill series is as high as possible. The great thing is, the main theme of Downpour will be performed by the famous American Metal
Band, Korn.

In the end, Downpour really is ready to rock the game world with its 'rocking' main theme as well as new story and area to play. Hopefully, after a long wait after it's postponed October 2011 release, this Silent Hill Downpour will be actually released tomorrow, March 13 2012, as promised.