Tali's Face - Will it Finally Revealed in Mass Effect 3?

Tali's face certainly is one of the many mistery of Mass Effect universe that has not solved yet. The mystery of the face of the Quarians even takes bigger portion of talk in various game forums. As we all know, the Quarians, which is the race of Tali, is a race that have been driven from the homeworld and in the end exists as the Migrant Fleet. This race also known as the race that created the Geth. Due to they are basically an alien, they require a special suits in order to help them survive in. Moreover, Quarians also known for their extraordinary weak immune system, which require them to wear the suits all the time. This is the very reason why there hasn't be any sign of Tali's face at all in the previous Mass Effect series.

However, the upcoming Mass Effect 3 has been expected for the appropriate stage for the developer to shows Tali's face finally. Since becoming the resident among the Commander Shepard's team, Tali, or also known with her full name as Tali'Zorah vas Neema, Tali's face has become one of the most interesting mystery to solve. It is because between many of Commander Shepard's team that has prominent role, Tali's looks like is still unknown. It is pretty interesting as most female characters in Mass Effect has been described with sexual seducing appearance, except for Tali.

Tali's Face

Tali's Face

Actually, although Quarian's not remove their mask oftenly, there is a moment when Tali shows her face in Mass Effect 2. This event can be acquired if players pursue a romance with her. Unfortunately, she only shows her face to Shepard, which makes the players even more curious of Tali's face. Most gamers are feeling that the mystery of Tali's face is indeed makes her more seduced than the other female characters, though some others feels that at least the developer shows her face in order to reveal almost all thing about the game.

As said before, many gamers are expecting that Mass Effect 3 become a great stage for Tali to finally open her mask and shows her true face. Some of the rumors even mentioning that the ending of Mass Effect 3 should be the moment of truth of Tali's face. But if the rumor were true, it could makes the fans disappointed. The first reason is because by revealing Tali's face, there is no more mystery left in term of characters, which all this time only monopolized by Tali alone. Another reason could probably because no matter how the Tali's looks like, there will always be fans that feels that the face is not what they are expecting all this time.

In the end, it seems that Bioware only have two choice. The first one is surely to reveal Tali's face in bold way and thus, ends all mystery about her. Or, Bioware can keep the face shrouded, make the fans of Tali even more curious about Tali's face.