Halo 4 Gameplay Preview

Halo 4 gameplay claimed to be similar as the other Halo series by the game's creative director, Josh Holmes, recently. If we take a deeper look at his comment, it seems that Halo 4 gameplay will be started by the War against the Covenant, which ahs been laid to rest in the previous game. Another rumor about the story even mention that the Master Chief will be facing againts an ancient evil that able to threaten the entire universe's fate, which only means a new enemy, and a strong one as well.

Many rumors have been tried to guess what is this ancient evil refer. Some of the rumors guessing that the ancient evil is actually the Prisoner from the far reach of Halo timeline. The Prisoner is described as a huge and mighty person with weird. Some even says that the Prisoner is the last of the Precursors race. For information, Precursors race in Halo world is a really powerful alien race that came before Forerunners (noble galactic policement who created Halo Array). The same rumor also mention that the Halo 4 will reveal more about Forerunners as there is only a little information about them in the previous games.

Halo 4 Gameplay

Halo 4 Gameplay

If you have look at the Halo 4 teaser trailer a few times ago, it shows that the Master Chief is falling toward a planet that seems to be a Forerunner world, which probably allow the player to take the war in the Forerunner world. Though there is no info yet whether the whole Halo 4 story will takes place in Forerunner world or not. But the interesting is, the trailer shows that the Forerunner world is fully functional, which can means that something is going wrong on that planet. But either way, this new place where the war of Halo 4 takes place will surely a lot more interesting as the players will be able to see alien architecure instead of the building in the previous game.

About the Halo 4 gameplay, it seems that the developer will utilize the sandbox gameplay that has been featured in all Halo games. Other known info of Halo 4 gameplay are including more personal narrative, plenty of new UNSC hardware, some of classic arsenal remains, Cortana reappearance, new characters
introduction, new weapons, new vehicles, and many others. Not to mention that Master Chief's character along with John and Cortana relationship will be explored and Cortana developed deeper than the previous Halo game.

Moreover, the developer even claimed that both Master Chief and Cortana will have a brand new appearance, or at least changes in appearance in order to match the new Halo 4 gameplay. That includes better graphic as well as better story elements. This confirmed that the design from the announcement trailer is not final yet, as there will be many changes in term of graphic promised in the launch. So, although with only a few information of Halo 4 gameplay, it seems that Halo 4 could be one of the Xbox greatest franchise ever.