Scroll of Resurrection - Rewards and Requirements

Scroll of Resurrection is a promotional event held by Blizzard in order to keep their gamers playing the WoW. The official announcement has only been made a couple days ago, which telling that both people that coming back to the game as well as the people who recruit friends will acquire various interesting rewards. Actually, the announcement is pretty surprising as all this time, WoW is known for one of the most played MMORPG game in the world. The announcement seems like showing that actually Blizzard is starting to lose grip of their loyal gamers and thus held such an interesting promotional event. Either way, the announcement has been made and it offers many sweet rewards. For you who doesn't know yet, the Scroll of Resurrection is actually only on cooldown state, though it will be resurrected soon enough.

Rewards of Scroll of Resurrection for people who coming back to the game are vary, including:
  • Single character level will be boosted to level 80
  • Free upgrade to Cataclysm, doesn't matter what kind of expansions the player already own
  • Optional free character move or free faction change
  • Free 7 days of game time
note: please be wary that some of the rewards will does not available immediately, though some does

Scroll of Resurrection

Scroll of Resurrection

Meanwhile, the rewards for people who recruit friends will be the new Spectral Gryphon or Spectral Wyvern mount depends on the faction they joined. Those rewards are eligible if the players are coming back or recruit friends within the limited time.

No special requirement for player to send a Scroll of Resurrection as any active Wow player can send it to any of their friends. However, the friends you want to sent the scroll need to at least purchased one month of game time before. Another condition for your friends to be eligible is their account must be inactive since March 4 2012 or earlier. In short, there will be no way to cheat this offers to create a new character that able to boosted straight up to level 80. Please be wary that other prerequisites are also valid in order to acquire any of the rewards offered.

If you already sure that your friends is eligible to receive the Scroll of Resurrection, you can try one of the following method to send the invitation :
  • First method; Open your Real ID friends list while you are in game, guild roster also able to use. If your friends is eligible, then a special button will be appear next to their name. Just simply click that special button to sent the scroll as it will generate email invitation, which also cuztomizable in order to send your own message. 
  • Second method;  Open your Account Management page. Then, click on any of your friend's World of Warcraft account that eligible to receive this resurrection promo. Choose the Referrals Rewards-Scroll of Resurrection that appear on the menu. And last, type the name and email address of your friend that you want to invite. This Scroll of Resurrection sending options also customizable with your own personal message for your friends.