Galactic Readiness - How to Increase Galactic Readiness Rating

Galactic Readiness is used to measures Commander Shepard's influence as well as player ability to utilize the resources of the galaxy. More Galactic Readiness level the player has, then the more prepared the Commander Shepard's forces for the final battle against the reapers. This way, the better the ending that player will get. Most players also called Galactic Readiness as Effective Military Strength. Basically, those two are exactly the same, which Effective Military Strength means all the assets that the players has gathered from the main game as well as side missions and conversation choices. To view this rating of Effective Military Strength, player can just simply go at the War Assets panel in Normandy in CIC.

Mass Effect will got the rating of Readiness or Effective Military Rating by multiplies the player's Total Military Strength by the Readiness Rating percentage. The Total Military Strength is made up of War Assets that has collected by players in game, while Readiness Rating percentage can only increased by playing multiplayer. For example, if a player's Total Military Strength is 5400 then a readiness rating of 50%, then the score of Galactic Readiness Rating would be 2700. This rating then will be important to affects the ending, which could lead to one of 16 ending of Mass Effect 3. The bigger the player's readiness rating is, then the better ending they will have.

Galactic Readiness

Galactic Readiness

For most players, seeing all the 16 different ending of Mass Effect 3 will be a perfect way to end playing Mass Effect 3. However, in order to get all the endings, players need to get certain number of Galactic Readiness rating. So, in order to get all the different endings, players must increase their Galactic Readiness rating.

In order to increase the galactic readiness rating, there are a few method that can be done. One of those method is to increase the total military strength. Player can also increase th rating by playing Galaxy at War multiplayer games or also by playing a couple of the Mass Effect 3 side games that released for iPhone and iPad called Infiltrator and Data Pad. Raising the increase total military strength is probably the most easy way as not every player is able to play multiplayer game as it is require Online Pass.  Moreover, the default Galactic Readiness rating given by the game is 50%, which is quite high. So, all the players need to do is just get 10000 military strength if they want to get 5000 effecive military rating at the end. Or, if the player has the Online Pass, they just need to play the multiplayer games often in order to reach maximum 100% of Galactic readinesss.

In the end, there is nothing that make the player should get 100% Readiness if they don't want to since the only thing they will got is one ending out of the 16 ending provided by the game, which is determined by the rating of Effective Military Strength and rating of Galactic Readiness to reach maximum Effective Military Strength.