Recommended Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum brings similar gameplay to any other pokemon series, which is you will be given a starter pokemon and must find another 5 to become your line up on finishing the adventure of the pokemon world. However, with so many choices of pokemon, choosing the best 5 is not really an easy task. The first thing to consider when choosing 5 of the best pokemon is what kind of party you want to build. The most recommended team to build is that consists of different type of element of pokemon, it is to make it easier to go forward on the Pokemon Platinum. Most of all, the most basic party are the starter pokemon, a fire/water/leaf pokemon depends on the starter, and flying pokemon.

But besides of the type of pokemon, you still need to consider their strength as well as moves that will be acquired by the pokemon. Well, here is some of recommended pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, though you are free to follow or not to follow any of these recommendations.

Pokemon Platinum


First recommended pokemon on Pokemon Platinum is Weavile. As a very fast pokemon, you will be able to finish the battle in short time, especially against weak opponent as you can beat it in single strike. Weaville is especially useful for you who choose Empoleon (piplup) as your starter as it can balance your party. The best move for Weavile is including Night Slash, Brick Break, and Ice Punch.

If you don’t use chimchar as your starter, meaning that you need to find a great fire pokemon to complete your Pokemon Platinum party. Magmortar is definitely the best for this position as it is coming with incredibly high special attack as well as its ability to learn Thunderbolt through TM, which makes beating any bird or leaf pokemon is just a simple task. To get Magmortar you need to trade a Magmar while holding Magmarizer. The best move for Magmortar is Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, and Psychic.

Electivire is another recommended pokemon for your Pokemon Platinum. This is definitely the best electric pokemon in Pokemon Platinum, even better to Luxray and Raichu. The only reason is Electivire got a high speed as well as very high Attack. To get Electivire, you need to trade Electabuzz while holding Electrizer. So if you cannot trade at all, then Luxray or Raichu would be the only choice now. The best move for Electivire is Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, and Ice Punch, which makes this pokemon able to take on various types of pokemon.

Next is Gliscor. With its Flying/Ground type and high attack move such as Earthquake and Aerial Ace, Giscor could become a great pokemon if you train it well. And the 5th best pokemon of Pokemon Platinum is the legend of this game, Giratina. As a legend pokemon, Giratina was provided with high defend and attack. Also, Shadow Force, Dragon Claw, Ancient Power, and Ominous Wind is definitely not a move that you should take lightly. And that concludes the recommended pokemon for main party in Pokemon Platinum.