Know Better of Safety Rating in iRacing

iRacing is definitely different in any other racing game as it offers real simulation from the basics until you are ready to take on circuit race. Some NASCAR racers even use this simulation to sharpen their driving skills. But, iRacing also different with any other real life simulation due to a feature called Safety Rating. In iRacing, this Safety Rating is very important as it can determine the license of the driver as well as higher career for iRacer. Morover, with Safety Rating, iRacer will not dare to cutting track or speeding on pitlane even though they are able to do it in iRacing, because there are some consequences.



So, what is the Safety Rating actually? Well, the Safety Rating is a safety measurement in all session of iRacing, including qualification, warm up race, time trial, and also official and unofficial race as well. This SR (Safety Rating) will count the number of incident that you have done while doing those sessions mentioned above. In short, SR is what makes iRacing looks and feels like a real driving as you iRacing treasure the safety of its iRacer. Safety Rating is also one of the aspects that will be overlooked for your license level in iRacing. If you have good SR, then your license level will be increased easily. And on the other way, if your SR is deep low, meaning you have too many incidents in sessions, you could even lose your license.

SR in iRacing is also different in each circuit or class. For example, if you have 2 SR level, one for Oval and one for Road, then you have a lot of incident while racing on Oval; your SR level in Road will be not influenced. So you can get iRacing Pro license in Road, but still get iRacing Rookie license in Oval. To count the incidents of sessions, there are four levels of incidents, which are:
  • 0x = meaning that you only experience light contact with wall or other car
  • 1x = meaning that you are out of track/outside the line
  • 2x = meaning that you have hard contact with wall
  • 4x = meaning that you have hard or critical contact with other car

Safety Rating for each session is counted from the average of incidents for corners, which called CPI, or Corners Per Incident. This CPI will be then converted into numbers for easier classification, which ranging from 1.00 to 4.99. If you reach above than 4.00 SR, then you will be promoted to the next level, but only after you have completed the iRacing requirement of minimum participations, which is 4 iRacing races or iRacing trials in your license level. This is called FastTrack.

Although this Safety Racing makes most of gamers move from iRacing to other racing simulation due to it’s too much difficulties, many others are staying due to the Safety Racing as it offers better real life experience. Actually, iRacing uses the Safety Rating in order to measures the safety of every drivers, which is actually big advantages for iRacer that want to learn and experience how to race safely in iRacing.