Mass Effect Garrus Talents

Mass Effect Garrus, or Garrus Vakarian in full name, is a Turian Agent that formerly included on C-Sec’s Investigation Division. As one of Turians, Garrus has started military training when he was still fifteen years old. Even so, the story tells that Garrus finally decided to follow his father to become a C-Sec officer. As C-Sec Officer, Garrus main responsibility is on the Saren Arterius investigation. After he was told that the investigation over, he defy the Executor’s order and purse another mission. Later in the story, Garrus finally joined with Shepard’s team and help Commander defeat Saren. That’s the story of Garrus Vakarian in previous Mass Effect series. Many rumors have mentioned that Garrus will also be coming as a squadmate in Mass Effect 3. This rumor has appeared because he was survived from the Suicide Mission events on Mass Effect 2.

So, what are Garrus can do in Mass Effect 3? Well, no one knows as the return of Mass Effect Garrus in Mass Effect 3 is still in doubt. However, we can guess pretty much about Garrus ability based on Garrus Talents as Turian Agent from Mass Effect. So, here is the list of Garrus Talents:

Mass Effect Garrus

Mass Effect Garrus

Assault Rifles; this talent is only available to Solders, Korgan Battlemaster, and surely Turian Agent. This talent allows Garrus to handle Assault rifles weapon that designed for any combat, including close range combat, medium range combat, and sometimes long range combat. There are 12 level of this talent, starting to Overkill to Masterkill that will raise the damage and accuracy the weapon.

Sniper Rifles; this talent is only Unlocked after player reach Assault Rifles 6 as Turian Agent and able to increase the damage and accuracy of every sniper rifles. Moreover, this talent grants player with assassination ability. There are also 12 levels of this talent, starting from level 1 that increase the damage by 5% and accuracy by 10%, until Level 12, the Master Assassination that able to inflict 225% of weapon damage.

Tactical Armor; it is a defensive talent as it is raise damage reduction and hardening by certain number. After a few level, player will also gain Shield Boost ability. The lowest level is able to raise damage reduction and hardening of Mass Effect Garrus by 5% as the highest level, Level 12 offers Master Shield Boost ability that restore 50% of player’s shield per second that last 2 seconds.

Assault Training; level 1 increases weapon damage by 1% and melee damage by 30%, while the level 12 as highest level allow players with Master Adrenaline Burst ability that reset the cooldown times on all Mass Effect Garrus talents

Decryption; its maximum level can increase the tech explosion damage of players by 30%

Damping; Unlocked at Decryption 4, this talent is able to increase the radius of Overload, Sabotage, and Damping by 30% at level 11. While in Level 12, player will gain Master Damping ability

First Aid; healing talent that will allow Med-gel health restored increased by 180 on its maximum level

Electronics; after reach First Aid level 7, this talent will be unlocked. On maximum level, this talent increases the shield capacity by 270 as well as restores 2400 extra hull while repairing vehicle. This talent also grants Mass Effect Garrus with Overload ability.