Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red is one of the first generation of Pokemon series, along with Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Green, and Pokemon Yellow as well. Without a doubt, since this first generation of Pokemon games, rare and legendary Pokemon has indeed become the main attraction. Not only because they are very hard to found and catch, the Legendary Pokemon even only available in a single number, unlike other pokemon. So, here is the list of legendary Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Red.

Zapdos is the first legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Red. Along with the other two legendaries, Articuno and Moltres, these three become the three legendary birds Pokemon. Zapdos is an electric and bird pokemon. If you use Zapdos as one of your main party, you will find it very easy to beat any water or bug pokemon. To catch Zapdos in Pokemon Red you must go to the Power Plant near the Cerulean city as well as near the tunnel that will bring you to Lavender.  Surf over the river and follow it down until you reach a building with a trainer in front. Just follow the path until you find Zapdos in a room. Try to use Ultra Ball to get Zapdos.

Pokemon Red

Pokemon Red

Articuno is the next legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Red. This ice flying type Pokemon surely adds a lot of strength to your team if you are able to catch it, especially with its ice beam and blizzard move. To catch Articuno, you need to go to Seafom Islands. Don’t forget to bring Pokemon that know strength and surf. Just follow the path until you find Articuno with some blocking to prevent you going closer. There will be a couple of puzzle that you must solve by moving some boulders with strength. There is only one path to go to Articuno’s place in Pokemon Red so you can’t be wrong in here. Ultra Ball and a lot of efforts are enough to catch Articuno.

The last of the three legendary birds Pokemon in Pokemon Red is Moltres. As fire flying type, this Pokemon will easy turn any leaf or bug to ashes. You can found Moltres in Legendary cave in the second floor. Continue on the path until you see Moltres and beat it or catch it to become one of your Pokemon. This Legendary will surely helpful before you are challenging the Elite Four of Pokemon Red. Moltres can be caught using Ultra Ball, though with a lot of efforts.

And here is the ultimate Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Red, Mewtwo. Unfortunately, Mewtwo can only be found, and caught after you beat the Elite Four. He can be found on a cave in the Cerulean city. To go to the cave, simply swim on the river next to the nugget bridge. Explore the cave and catch many pokemon that you haven’t got yet as there will be a lot of rare Pokemon inside, such as Lickitung or Rhydon. Follow the path deeper on the cave and eventually you will find Mewtwo.If you haven’t use your Master Ball yet to catch any other legendary, this is the most appropriate time to use it on Pokemon Red as Mewtwo is very hard to catch.