All about Pokemon Serebii, a Time Travel Pokemon

Pokemon Serebii, or also known as Celebi in US version is a legend pokemon that appear in many Pokemon video games as well as Pokemon movies. Due to its cute appearance, Celebi is also now easily found on many Pokemon merchandise or any other that has connection with Pokemon franchise, though it seems that Celebi will never replace Pikachu as Pokemon mascot. Appearance wise, Pokemon Serebii is coming in fairy-like form in green color with round feet, hands with three finger, and transparent wings that enable it to fly. As for the head, Celebi has a round head with a point that sticks upwards on the back of its head as well as a pair of antennae. But the cutest of all is its large blue eyes that similar to baby’s eyes. No wonder that Celebi become so popular.

But the reason why Pokemon Serebii is so popular is not only because of how it looks, but Celebi appearance on movie would probably plays a great role on this time travel pokemon to be popular. As we all know, in various Pokemon movies that Pokemon Serebii, it always become the main role as the legend pokemon. On one of the movie, the main story is even about a protagonist try to kidnap Celebi for his personal purpose, before finally Ash can prevent it from happening and all ends in a happy ending.

In the Pokemon game series, Pokemon Serebii has first appeared in Pokemon gold and Pokemon Silver and known as the guardian of the forest. Later on, Celebi will be known as the only pokemon, or probably creature, that able to travel in time. Another appearance of Celebi is on Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon HeartGold, Pokemon SoulSilver, Pokemon Black, and Pokemon White. Unfortunately, there is no way for any of you to catch this Pokemon Serebii normally. Even so, there are two methods to get (get, not catch!!) this legend pokemon as one of your party pokemon.

Pokemon Serebii

Pokemon Serebii

The first method to get Pokemon Serebii is probably will already not valid, which is waiting until an event to occur, a real world event. Up until now, the events are mostly distributes Celebi to players. In Pokemon Crystal, you must use the Pokemon Mobile System GB to obtain GS Ball, which is essential to get Celebi. While in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Celebi was distributed at the screening of a Pokemon movie called Phantom Ruler: Zoroark in Japan. As for Pokemon Black and White, Pokemon Serebii was distributed through GameStop stores (surely already ends) or from Pokemon Black and White promotional tour (also already ends).

So, the first method would absolutely can’t be repeated except that Nintendo hold another event that will distribute Pokemon Serebii. Do not worry as the second method is easier to comply, as you can get Celebi easily using the Gameshark. Yes, you might be called cheating for using gameshark but hey, who cares as long as you got your hands on Celebi right? No? Well, if that so, there is no other way to get this Pokemon Serebii as your pokemon.