Mario Party 9 Review

Mario Party 9 is one of the latest Mario game. This game is coming with various mini games as well as board games that combined into a single great game. The most fun way to play this Mario game is by using its multiplayer, as playing alone is not that fun. Seeing this game for the first time probably makes some of you remember about the similar game on the Nintendo 64, though this version of game is far improved compared to the Nintendo 64 game, especially on the gameplay as well as multiplayer gaming experience.

Although this Mario Party 9 still included the single player mode with a storyline that involving Bowser who trying to get the mini stars, playing alone is not as fun as playing together. This game is just that kind of game. After all, the name ‘Party’ really describes that you should play it on party, which more than one player included. After you got the players needed, just say… four peoples, then you are ready to get the best out of this game. All of the players will then jump on a single cart, which each player will take turns to become the captain. Captain’s role is to roll a dice and see what kind of rewards or benefits of the dice the captain has rolled.

Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9

Many of mini game will be involved, but all the games are having a single purpose, which is collecting mini stars. Most of the mini games on Mario Party 9 are also involving rolling a dice, though none of the game is requires any difficult motion control. All the players need to do us just using the Wii Remote as pointing devices, or use it as the old school controller. Most gamers would find that the lack of motion controls of Wii Remote is a good thing while some other might think that playing Nintendo Wii without motion controls using Wiimote is definitely unlike playing Nintendo Wii at all.

Each of the mini game of this Mario Party 9 is divided into three segments, which each segments will have a winner and loser. This is surely a fun way to compete with your friends as you can try better in the next segment or next game in order to get better scores and be a winner. Seeing the gameplay, which is using dice as the main controls, this entire game surely depends on luck. Even so, that kind of gameplay seems to be a great way to play when you are together.

In the end, Mario Party 9 really is bring the people together to play and have fun, without any people thought that they are lose because someone cheating as it is based on luck. If we see on any other game such as tennis, soccer, or fighting, the most skillfull players will get an easy win over others. But in a game that based on luck like this one, skill become number two as luck is all you need most. This Mario Party 9 concept issurely match with Nintendo Wii original concept, which is trying to get people, not only 2 people, to play and have fun together.