Obtainable Legendary Pokemon on Pokemon Soul Silver

As a remake version of Pokemon Silver in Game Boy, many will think that the Pokemon Soul Silver in Nintendo DS platform surely bring the same legendary Pokemon. But the best thing is, besides the same legendary Pokemon as presents in Pokemon Silver, there are also other additional Legendary Pokemon that taken from other Pokemon series as well. Read the article further to know the legendary Pokemon and how to catch them.

Pokemon Soul Silver

Pokemon Soul Silver

Lugia – This is the Diving Pokemon and the main star of Pokemon Soul Silver. You can catch Lugia after beating Team Rocket and Kimono Girls and obtain the Silver Feather. With Silver Feather on your bag, go to Whirl Islands and you will encounter this legendary pokemon at Level 45.

Ho-Oh – This is the Phoenix Pokemon and also the main star of Pokemon Heart Gold. However, you can also catch Ho-Oh in Pokemon Soul Silver by obtain Rainbow Wing first from a person in Pewter City. With Rainbow Wing on your bag, go to Bell Tower and you will encounter Ho-Oh at level 70.

Suicune – One of three Legendary Beasts that can be caught after you chase it around.  The last place you need to go is the outside Bill’s House in Route 25 and you will be able to catch Suicune. Or, after you beat Elite Four in Burnt Tower.
Articuno – Can be found on Seafom Islands on Level 50. But only after you earn all 16 badges

Zapdos – Can be found outside the Power Plant in Route 10 at level 50 only after you earn all 16 badges

Moltres – Can be found after you earn 16 badges on Silver Cave. Moltres will be at level 50 when you encounter it

Mewtwo – this legendary Pokemon can only be caught after you got all Kanto badges in Pokemon Soul Silver. Go to Cerulean Cave and eventually you will find Mewtwo at level 70

Groudon – To catch this legendary, you need to obtain Red Orb that can be found from Mr. Pokemon, but only after you obtain National Dex and Receive Kanto starter Pokemon from Professor Oak.  After obtaining the Red Orb, go to a cave in Route 47, the Embedded Tower. You will find Groudon at level 50

Rayquaza – This legendary is only can be caught if you have Groudon by catching and Kyogre by trading. It can be caught on Embedded Tower at level 50

Raikou – It is a roaming Pokemon that can be tracked using Pokegear’s map card. You will encounter Raikou at level 40

Entei – Another level 40 roaming Pokemon that can be tracked using the Pokegear’s map card.

Latios – Level 35 at met, you can get Latios by tracking it using the map card on Pokegear, but only after you have obtained the National Pokedex.

Each and every legendary Pokemon mentioned above can be caught normally in Pokemon Soul Silver, except for Rayquaza as you need to obtain both Kyogre and Groudon. There is no other way to catch Kyogre in Pokemon Soul Silver except trading.