Ninja Gaiden 3 : No Longer Brutal and Bloody

Ninja Gaiden 3 is the latest game that developed by Team Ninja and published by Tecmo Koei. This game is actually the sequel of Ninja Gaiden II that quite popular some time ago. Not published yet, this action adventure game is expected to be launched on March 20 in North America and March 23 in the rest of Europe for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platform. As for Nintendo Wii U, this game will also released in 2012, though there is no further info about the Wii U release yet.

If you already a Ninja Gaiden series fans, then you will probably know by the first time you play this game as Ninja Gaiden 3 will continue the story of the Ninja Gaiden II. Moreover, one of the main stories will deal with the Sword of Archfiend that can be found on Ninja Gaiden II. The game’s main characters will again feature Ryu Hayabusa, though the outfit will be slightly different. If on the previous game Ryu wore black leather outfit, in this third series, Ryu will be seen with new metallic black suit as seen on the some released screenshots. Another difference on Ryu appearance is his toes, which are now covered with metal that will be useful for a new move called Kunai Climb.

Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden 3

Story wise, the trailers of Ninja Gaiden 3 starts when Ryu got a request from Japanese Self-Defense Force to go to London and fight terrorist. Furthermore, Ryu will also fight the Regent of the Mask that kills the Prime Minister. Next on, Dragon Sword will be absorbed into Ryu’s right arm and a new opponent appears with hood and gives the world 7 days to be destroyed, except if the world surrenders to him. Ryu’s adventure then will begin to eliminate all terrorists as well as uncover the mysterious hooded man that has threatened the world. This story is written by Masato Kato, who also wrote for all Ninja Gaiden series on NES. That is why there are some rumors that mentioned that some Ninja Gaiden characters from NES will also appear on this Ninja Gaiden 3, such as Hayate from Dead or Alive series.

About the features, Ninja Gaiden 3 will bring some new features and improvements, including Steel on Bone feature that allow the players to cut through enemy’s body while a slow motion cinematic trick, new Kunai Climb move that allow Ryu climb onto walls and strike enemies from above using his kunai. Stealth also the new feature as some missions requires Ryu to kill enemy with only a single hit after sneak U. Talking about enemies, they are now able to speak while fighting with Ryu, such as ‘Send BU!’ or ‘Get around him!’ which surely add a lot of tense of the game. More about enemies, they are now not die easily as most of them will suffer and sometimes scream in pain when they are injured. Also, unlike the previous game, dying enemies in this game will not decapitated or dismembered, but only bleed and weakening time by time. Most of game critics mention that Ryu are become softer to enemies as there is less blood and decapitated body in Ninja Gaiden 3.