Super Mario Crossover 2.0 - Unique Flash Game of Super Mario

Super Mario Crossover 2.0 claimed to be the greatest flash game that ever created by Mario Bros fans. It is because this game offers a unique concept compared to other flash game. After the previous version, Super Mario Crossover, got a lot of popularity, the developer decided to launch the sequel recently. The whole concept is still similar as the previous version, which provide the gamers with the essential of Super Mario Bros game but offers the ability to play various character that has become the icon of Nintendo. Don’t ever think that the game is lame because offering the same game play as the old Super Mario Bros. Just try by yourself to use different character to play the game and you will found out that this game is really worth to try.

As explained before, this Super Mario Crossover 2.0 allow the gamers to play with various Nintendo characters, including Mario himself, Luigi, Link (from Legend of Zelda), Bill (from Contra), Mega Man (from Mega Man), Bass (From Mega Man), Ryu hayabusa (From Ninja Gaiden fame), Sophia III (from Blaster Master), Samus(from Metroid), and Simon Belmont (from Castlevania). Each of those characters has their own characteristic as the real ability in their own game. For example, we all know that Mario cannot fires except that he got sun flower, but if you use Mega Man in this game, you can fire since the beginning, make getting rid of any enemy is easier. Try other character by yourself and see how much the old Super Mario Bros game has changed.

Super Mario Crossover 2.0

Super Mario Crossover 2.0

Besides offering some similar features as the previous version, Super Mario Crossover 2.0 also brought some new additions as well as hidden treats. The first change is the player can now play this game in three different look, including NES graphics, SNES graphics, or Game Boy graphic. Other change is there are many new characters that can be accessed by only pressing the X button while selecting the character at the beginning of the game. The best thing is each character additions are difference according to the look that you choose, and that’s neat!

As if those changes not enough, you will also found out that the Super Mario Crossover 2.0 offers different enemy skins that you can choose from two different skins, Super Mario Bros 3 skin or Super Mario World from Game Boy. The same thing also happened on the options page. So, if you choose different skin and graphic, you will get a whole different gaming experience that allows you to have fun and have a nostalgic with Nintendo for a long period of time. Not to mention if you try to finish the game differently with each character, you will also get new experience as each character has own specialties.

Super Mario Crossover 2.0 - Ryu Hayabusa

In the end, this 2.0 version of Super Mario Crossover is a very tempting for most gamers, especially for those who live and grow with Nintendo game console as company. No wonder that many gamers are claimed that the Super Mario Crossover 2.0 is the best Flash game ever made.