Skyrim Texture Pack - High Texture Pack Finally Released

Skyrim Texture Pack is essential to make Skyrim game looks more alive. As we all know already, Skyrim offers epic battle, outstanding story, and beautifully done sound is not enough without the support from realistic graphic. Unfortunately, unlike in PS3 and Xbox version, Skyrim PC version is still lack of game visualization. It is because the PC version of Skyrim is built based on the DirectX 9 graphic, so the graphic quality is not as good as the console version. Bethesda, the developer, is already aware of this lack of graphic for PC version, but not until recently that they launch the high texture pack for Skyrim in order to answer the request for PC Skyrim gamers all over the world.

Together with the launches of their high texture Skyrim Texture Pack, Bethesda also launches the Creation Kit that allows all modders to modify the whole Skyrim world. To get the high texture pack for PC version of Skyrim, each player can get it from Steam without cost at all. But for you who already expecting somewhat of DirectX 11 graphic quality, be prepared to get disappointed as this high texture pack from Bethesda only capable of enhance the details of the object in-game. This is surely not as requested by many PC gamers as most of them request a full change of graphic quality of Skyrim for PC version, not only such a Skyrim Texture Pack.

Skyrim Texture Pack

Skyrim Texture Pack

The quality of the latest high texture pack is confirmed on the recommended system released by Bethesda to be able to run the Skyrim Texture Pack properly. On the recommended system, Bethesda mention that their high texture pack only require graphic card that support DirectX 9, not yet the DirectX 11 so you can tell by yourself the quality of the graphic even after installing this texture pack. For better understanding, here is the recommended specification to run high texture pack from Bethesda: for processor, computer with Quad Core Intel or AMD CPU onboard is expected. While in memory aspect, you will need PC with 4GB of RAM inside. And for the graphic card, a DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM is enough.

Although the recently released Skyrim Texture Pack cannot fulfill the request for most PC Skyrim gamers, it looks like Bethesda will not fulfill the same request, or even if they want to do it, it will cost quite some time before it finally released. However, PC gamers can still have hope to those highly skilled Skyrim modders out there to make their own texture pack for Skyrim, which hopefully a better one that the texture pack from Bethesda.

It is because the Creation Kit that released to public recently allows the modders to create their own Skyrim world with tons of features and surely better in graphic. Even after only a few days after the Creation Kit released, there are already a couple of self-made texture packs available in most Skyrim forums in the internet. So, if you wait for the Skyrim Texture Pack that supports DirectX 11, probably it will be made by the hands of one of those modders.