Skyrim Space Core Mod Features and Installing Guide

Skyrim Space Core is one of the latest Mod for Skyrim since the Creation Kit released to public by Bethesda a couple times ago. For your information, the Creation Kit is a tool that allows any modder, Valve surely one of them, to create their own world to be played on Skyrim. And this Space Core Mod from Valve surely is one of the first Mod created using Creation Kit, and also considered as one of the best mod for Skyrim.

Skyrim Space Core

Skyrim Space Core

This Space Core mod’s full name is Fall of the Space Core Vol.1, which makes many gamers guessing that there will be more to come from Valve. Reading the name, it looks like that this mod offers the Space Core robot to be appears in the Skyrim world. The best thing probably is the robot’s voice is dubbed by none other than Nathan North. On the launching of this Skyrim Space Core, Valve said that they develop and launch this Space Core mod as a celebration for the Steam Workshop opening for Skyrim. Valve also mentioned that this mod is the result of the teamed up of Valve and Bethesda, which allows the space little robot from Space Core accompany the players in their adventures in Tamriel. Further, Valve mentions that this Space Core mod can be considered as a patch to fix the problem of the release of Skyrim without Nolan North in it.

What are the change that offered by this Skyrim Space Core mode except the little robot? Well, that actually more as there is also new content offered by this mod, including Dovahcore Helmet and Space Core. Dovahcore Helmet is useful to wear by the players while Space Core is more like a funny addition as it is constantly animated that able to say a line of dialogue every time it is activated, idle or placed in inventory. Other fact about Space Core item is if a Giant hits it with the club, the Space Core will be flows back into space and finally removed from game.

To finds the Space Core after you installed this Skyrim Space Core mod in your Skyrim game, you only need to go to the ruined house that located north of the Western Watchtower, which is outside of the Whiterun. Space Core will suddenly falls from the sky and crash on the ruins while you approach the house. Then, Space Core is all yours. As for the Dovahcore Helmet, you can only create it by bringing the Space Core into the Atronach Forge in The Midden. Place the Space Core on the pedestal to power the forge ups, then place Moonstone Ore or Refined Moonstone together with Iron Helmet into the offering box. Voila! A Dovahcore Helmet will be created. Other method to create the Dovahcore Helmet is to make it by character Smithing using Arcane Blacksmith and Moonstone Ingot.

Besides those two items, new loading screens will be also added into the game thanks to this Skyrim Space Core mod. So, install the mod by simply Subscribe to this mod and you will automatically download and install the mod the next time you launch Skyrim. Any future update will also be automatically installed if you keep subscribed to this Skyrim Space Core mod.