SSX Demo Review - Must Have Game for Snowboarding Fans

Before the new SSX game coming, which expected to be soon, the SSX demo really is able to fulfill the thirst of every snowboarding fan that has eagerly waited for long years after the previous titles that released a few years ago. In this SSX demo, you will experience any of great snowboarding action, including dropped out from a flying helicopter, pulling off impossible moves by hitting the right buttons, and even experience a well animated scenery while riding on your snowboard. If this is only a demo, then the real SSX game will become a must have game for every snowboard fans when it is finally released.

SSX Demo

SSX Demo

The SSX demo starts on the scene of the features that will be available in the full release. Then, you will be asked to login to the EA’s Origin after you start demo in Skyboarding Mode. This mode is probably the best mode of all as you are jump off from a helicopter and experience a real-like free fall while at the same time doing the tutorial to control the snowboard. You will have to choose between two method of control in the game, either it is using your right stick or using the buttons. Either way is fine as long as it suits you to do most tricks and control your snowboard skillfully on this SSX demo.

Continue on the SSX demo, you will be taught some basic moves as well as the control used. After a while, the tutorial will be more challenging, which eventually taught you some complex combination in order to do harder tricks. If you are able to pull out some hard trick, you get bigger score, but you still need to do some complex combination to get even bigger score. The last part of tutorial will taught you about the trick called TRICKY. The tricks you learn at the tutorial mode of SSX demo are only a few compared to the many other tricks that you can done in the full release, but at least you already grab the basic. After the last tutorial, you will pull out the wingsuit and glide further off the screen while at the same time having your score counted. Actually, you can only use one character in this SSX demo. But if you are success to refer this demo to your friend, you will be able to unlock the second character called Mackenzie ‘Mac’ Fraser.

And the second part of the SSX demo is called ‘Run it’. In this part, you are brought to the peak of a mountain and start making your way down using your snowboard only. Other tutorial will accompany you while you slope down off the mountain with various informative information and tips about the score and controls. After this part, you have finished the Tutorial mode and will finally able to choose the level from main Menu screen called Browse Globe.

The conclusion is, SSX demo was really an enjoyable game to play as you must be eager to play it over and over again until you beat your own score in this SSX demo. Just be patient for the full release to be officially launched.