MLG Winter Arena Day 3 Coverage

MLG Winter Arena Day 3 has shown a surprising result as the MarineKingPrime was finally able to win his first championship after taking second place in many tournaments before. Playing through the winners bracket for the entire tournament, MarineKingPrime actually has defeated by MvPDongRaeGu in the grand finals. However, MarineKingPrime finally able to stuck back on the extended series to win the finals with score 4-2 after losing 1-2 to DongRaeGu before. With that score and the revival of MarineKingPrime, the grand final match become very dramatic as most spectators are guessing that the MarineKingPrime will only takes second place, again. But that’s that! And MarineKingPrime has the right to take claim the throne of MLG Winter Arena.

The opposite circumstances happened on the second place of MLG Winter Arena, DongRaeGu as it seems that he has been passed the curse of second place in tournament. It is because he only able to get the second place for the second time only within three months. The other tournament he got the second place is at the Blizzard Cup. At the final of Blizzard Cup, DongRaeGu lost to SlayerS_MMA with 3-4 score. Even so, DongRaeGu still has the chance to break the curse if he won the championship on the Code S finals that coming soon enough. In this Final, he will face his own teammate, the MvPGenius.

MLG Winter Arena

MLG Winter Arena

For you who interested on how the Grand final game was implemented, here is the short review of Grand Final of MLG Winter Arena between MarineKingPrime and DongRaeGu:

First Game: DongRaeGu decided to send half of his army to the MarineKingPrime and it result at he lost many drones at a time, making him at the big disadvantage. As desperate effort, he decided to attack and go all out, but the result is already expected when DongRaeGu GG’d out.

Second Game: DongRaeGu built quite number of lings, and finally able to defeat MarineKingPrime almost in easily.

Third Game:  MarineKingPrime tried his best to attack DongRaeGu but DongRaeGu easily nullify the attack. Next, DongRaeGu tried to build some economic power, allowing him to use his mutas and lings to nullify each and every MarineKingPrime attack. At the same time, DongRaeGu able to destroy MarineKingPrime’s third orbital command center, making MaringKingPrime can’t do nothing to experience another defeat on this MLG Winter Arena grand final.

Fourth Game: DongRaeGu unable to build enough units to defend, and ended up losing his third base and putting him at big disadvantage. Realizing this, MarineKingPrime cleverly block the path between DongRaeGu natural and third, making him easier to kill DongRaeGu and loss this game.

Fifth Game: Easy win for MarineKingPrime as he attacks DongRaeGu using a ton of SCV’s in tow as well as taking advantage of the map terrain and bunker. DongRaeGu can do nothing about it and he loss another game, which make it 3-2 for MarineKingPrime lead.

Sixth Game: in this last game on Grand Final, both players shows a great battle as both of them using their map optimally and decided to go for macro war. MarineKingPrime wins this game by cutting path through ultralisks and thus lead him to become the champion of the 2012 MLG Winter Arena.