Reasons to Keep Skyrim Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales

Skyrim Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales often thought as useless items. It is because the function of both Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales are only few, so many of the players are finally throws them away. However, some others are already know the real function of these two items obtained from Dragon, and keep it safe on their house. As for originality, Dragon bones are obtained from skeletal that is the remained of a living Dragon. Mostly, a Dragon that already dead will hold 1 to 5 bones. As for Dragon scale, a dead Dragon will at least yield 1 to 3 scales. This way, if you keep killing dragons on your adventure, then your collection of either Skyrim Dragon Bones or Dragon scales will easily increase, and filled up your bag in no time. This is probably not a problem for players that own a house as they can store it on their house and then continue on their adventure with empty bag. But what about the players that cannot afford to buy house yet? Does the only way they can do with the scale and bone of dragons is to throw it away?

Skyrim Dragon Bones

Skyrim Dragon Bones

Luckily, there are two main reasons of why you should never throw Skyrim Dragon Bones or Dragon Scales, although you have no house to store them into. The first reason surely because you can sell it for quite amount of money while the second reason is you actually can make a great armor.

Let us start with selling the Skyrim Dragon Bones or Dragon Scales. Actually, selling either of those items will be very difficult for low level character. So if your character still has low level, then it would be wise to not sell the dragon bones or scales. Another important thing to know is the Speech skill level. The combination of low level character with low level Speech skill leads to no merchant would buy your Dragon bones or scales. But if you are lucky enough to get it sold, the price will not much a bargain. What to do then if your character is still low in both level and Speech skill? There are no options to solve this matter. First is to put your dragon bones or dragon scales in a chest in your house until your level and Speech skill is high enough so you can get higher price for those items, or the second way, pass it on to your follower so they can carry over while you increase both of your level and Speech skill. Either way is works.

The second reason of why you should keep Skyrim Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales is both of the items are the main components that used to make an armor called Dragonplate Armor. As for the scales, it is also the main component to make Dragon Scale Armor besides the Dragonplate Armor. Even so, if you are still low level in Smithing, you won’t be able to make either armor at all as it requires 100 Smithing to make use of the dragon bones and scales. Moreover, you only need a few of them so it would be wise to sold most of them and keep a few of Skyrim Dragon Bones or Scales.