Poptropica: S.O.S. Island Walkthrough

A couple months ago, Poptropica: S.O.S. Island has unveiled and offers a fun and a lot challenging adventure island. This walkthrough is divided into a couple of section, which each section contains the most important things to do to finish the game so you won’t find any detailed step by step guide here.

Poptropica: S.O.S. Island Walkthrough

Poptropica: S.O.S. Island Walkthrough

SECTION 1: Upon Arrival
At the beginning of Poptropica: S.O.S. Island, a couple of message will appear telling you to rescue the all the passengers. Select start to begin the rescue operation. Go left to reach the emergency rescue boats and reach the smokestack on top of it. Find a large snowball and use it to unblock the entrance to the Pequod (the sinking ship’s name, remember?). After the entrance opened, find the ship’s captain and a couple of conversation will occur which tells you to rescue all the remained passenger by click on the knob that located on the emergency console, a door will open. Go through the door and you will find a young poptropican on the door number six just before the exit sign. Rescue him and you will shortly arrive on the iceberg and given Whale Song Gadget by the man you just saved.

SECTION 2: Back to the Ship
After a scene, the man you just saved told you to back to the ship to save more passengers, so there you go. Enter the ship through entrance and go to Ball Room on your left. Here, you will hear a lady that ask for help so swim down and go right to find a white chair while collecting free drink on the way. Aim your shot by standing on the white chair and try to shot the glass containers so add more water to the Ball Room. You can now save the lady.  Another scene on the iceberg occurs with the lady you just save standing next to you.

SECTION 3: Back to the Ship, Again
As the Pequod sink further, you need to once again back to the ship to rescue more passenger. This time, you need to enter the ship through a hole that located where the Pequod stuck on the Iceberg. Click a small pulley wheel to reveal a door and click it to enter new room. Reach surface and get your character on top of the chairs and climb on to the top of the ship using any object you found to rescue the next passenger. Here, you will found a puzzle to save the passenger. Solve the puzzle and a scene will occur which ends that an engineer give you a Pipe Wrench.

SECTION 4: Rescue the Chef
Hop on the life ring and other objects until you reach the top of the ship. Find your way so you found a propeller and follow it to reach the exit. You will find the chef in the freezer and you need to push him off of each ledge. Never attempt to push the chef or the box you found inside as it can make the chef stuck in any holes in the ship. Find your way by climbing the box and pipe and save the chef.

SECTION 5: Rescue the Captain
After save all passengers, all that left is to safe the captain. Without spoiling to much fun of this Poptropica: S.O.S. Island walkthrough, all you have to do is to swim on to the room where you find the captain. Here, you need to use the item you got, including Whale Song Machine and Pipe Wrench to make the Whale save you and the captain.

Those Poptropica: S.O.S. Island walkthrough is not so detail as it is better and much fun if you experience it by yourself. However, hopefully this Poptropica: S.O.S. Island walkthrough help you to going further in the game.