Important Perks for Skyrim Archery

Not many players in Skyrim that chose to use Skyrim Archery as their combat type. It is because Archery is the hardest combat type to master, especially in the beginning of the game as this type offer less rewards than close combat or magic. Moreover, without the right perks and tactics, Skyrim Archery can be somewhat lame and weak as you cannot use restore health or use shield while holding the bow. Another disadvantage of using Archery as combat type is you have to constantly supply the arrows.

But actually, if you have use the right perks and tactics on Skyrim Archery, this combat type can be the most satisfying of all because you are able to use the hardest type to play further in game, which is surely better than those who use close combat weapon or magic. That is why, this article has a lot of things to tell to you about the best way to build your character and maximize the Skyrim Archery into its full potential. Before we start, there are a couple ways to build your character in Archery, including pure archer, tank archer, or sneak archer that also able to use dual daggers. No matter which type of build you want, these perks below is essential to be a great archer.

Skyrim Archery

Skyrim Archery

First guide and probably the most important guide to maximize Skyrim Archery is to get all the Archery perks as soon as you start the game. All the archery perks are including Damage, Eagle Eye (to zoom), Critical hits, Staggering, and Paralyzing as these perks makes you easier to survive at the beginning of the game. Getting those Skyrim Archery perks at the beginning of the game are able to prevents any of enemies that use close combat type (which is the biggest disadvantage of being archer) when your skill is not good enough to take them on. With these perks, you can at least give them a good fight.

Next perks to get on Skyrim Archery is the Conditioning (Heavy Armor 70) and Deft movement (allow you to avoid 10% of melee damage) as the conditioning allow you to walk and move fast in Heavy Armor, while Deft movement already explain itself. Unfortunately, the Conditioning perk takes quite a while to get, so at the beginning you should stick with Light Armor, which able to protects you but allow you to move faster and in stealth. You can always use the Light Armor is you don’t want to use the Conditioning perk or Heavy Armor after all.

Another important perk for Skyrim Archery is Sneak as this skill allow you, as an archer, to kill people in only one or two hits. Moreover, this skill allows you to avoid complete brawl so you can save potions and arrows. As we all know, close combat is very dangerous for archer so Sneak is a perfect skill to avoid close combat optimally. If you already level up your Skyrim Archery, get stronger weapon, and your sneak skill already reach level 40, then you can multiple the sneak attack damage by three times, which is absolutely amazing for an archer.

The last perk you need to get for Skyrim Archery is the Conjuration as in Level 50, this perks give you Bound Bow skill. This is probably the best and most wanted skill for all archers as it gives you infinite arrows and it is able to overlap with all archery perks.