Fighting Kiln Runescape Guide - Things to Prepare

Fighting Kiln RuneScape probably is the most exciting opportunity for many combat fans that plays runescape. However, Fight Kiln is a brutal combat minigame that requires high skilled player and quite preparation. Some requirements also need to be fulfilled to enter The Fight Kiln RuneScape battle. Even most veterans that familiar with the Fight Caves would probably found it difficult as this fight is on a whole different thing. Tactics and preparations become the most important part as you will be fighting with endless onslaught of TokHaar before finally the final boss awaken and join in the battle. Even so, the rewards you got from this battle, the right to wear the TokHaar Kal is definitely worth all the efforst as this cape is the only one in RuneScape that able to give you +8 strength bonuses.

So, what is the requirement and preparations you need to make in order to survive Kiln RuneScape fight? Well, the first requirement is this fight only available to members. You also need to complete The Elder Kiln quest before. And the last requirement is to sacrifice a Fire Cape, which will give you a full permanent unlock access. After all the requirements fulfilled, all that left is to prepare the gear such as item, weapon, and armors in order to be able to survive the whole battle in Kiln RuneScape fight. Here is the list: 

Kiln Runescape

Kiln RuneScape

Recommended Gears to Prepare before Kiln RuneScape Fight:
  • Helmet: Neitznot, Verac’s Helm
  • Cape: Soul Wars, Fire Cape, Skill Cape
  • Amulet: Fury, Glory, Arcane Stream
  • Ammo: Diamond Bolts, Broad Bolts
  • Weapon: Chaotic Rapier, Whip, Armadyl Battle Staff, Polypore Staff, Chaotic Crossbow, Rune Crossbow 
  • Torso: Bandos Chesplate, Torages Platebody, Armadyl Chesplate, Karils Top, Ganodermic Top
  • Shield: Eagle Eye Kiteshield, Chaotic Kiteshiled, Spectral Shield, Dragonfire Shield
  • Legs: Bandos Torso, Torags Platelegs, Armadyl Chainskirt, Karils Skirt, Ganodermic Legs
  • Gloves: Best RFD Glove
  • Boots: Ragefire, Glaviens, Ranger Boots, Steadfasts, Dragon Boots
  • Ring: Charged ring 

Recommended Items for Kiln RuneScape Fight:
  • Enchanced Excalibur; very useful in fight
  • Dreadnips; useful to make TokHaar-Ket-Dill a lot easier to be defeated, this item can be obtained with a 450 rank on Dominion Tower. However, you can also use a pickaxe if you are unable to obtain this item
  • Armadyl Runes; if you already using Polypore Staff, you will not need this item
  • FLASKS; a very essential item as you need to bring your entire potion in flasks
  • Saradomin Brew
  • Super Restore
  • Prayer Renewal
  • Yak Pouches
  • Uni Pouch

Recommended Skills for Kiln RuneScape Fight:
  • Overloads; you need to made this skill from 96 Herblore or 92 Herblore + Spicy Stews. Herblore can be found in easily any cave. This skill will make your fight a lot easier
  • 85+ Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Range, and Magic
  • Curses/92+ prayer; Soulsplit would be incredible useful in fight for healing
  • 96+ summon

After prepares all of those recommended things for Kiln RuneScape Fight, all that left is to play tactically on each wave before the final boss finally join the battle. Hopefully the list of recommended item above would be helpful on your Kiln RuneScape Fight.