Ultima Online Tips: Easy Money Making Guide

On Ultima Online, money is really important as you can go further in the game without much problem. However, beginners usually found it difficult to make money in this game. Actually, there are not so difficult to make money as there is various ways to make money in Ultima Online.  The main problem for beginner is probably they don’t have enough time yet to wander around and guess the way themselves. Not to worry as this article will provides an easy guide to make money for you all newbie in this game. Stay tune!

Ultima Online

Ultima Online

First way to make money is surely to kill enemies. Similar with other RPG, Ultima Online provides you with tons and tons of enemies to kill, which is the best way for beginner to obtain money and sometimes item to be sold or wore. However, killing stuff would become boring and cannot give much more after a while. That’s when you should change the way you make money.

The second guide for easy money on Ultima Online is to do tailoring. Besides money as rewards, you can also get rare cloths and wore it or sell it to get more money.  The best way to make money from tailoring is to fill out the BODs (Bulk Order Deeds) as this gives quite amount of money and sometime the rare cloths as rewards. Some of the rare clothes are including blaze, ice white, ice blue, ice green, and others. And if you lucky enough, this method could give you a bless deed, which sold for 900k. Other way to get money from tailoring is to skin sheep for their wool. Spin those wools to yarn and use a loom to turn it into cloth. All the cloth you make can be sold to NPC on Ultima Online.

Blacksmith is one of the best ways to make money on Ultima Online. By crafting armors or weapon and sell it to NPC, you will get quite amount of money. But, the amount of money you receive would depend on how good your crafted items are. The only way to raise your blacksmith skill in order to be able to craft better weapons and armors is to repair for others. However, if you lucky enough to get runic hammer, then you can craft magical weapons and armors, which sold a lot in Ultima Online.

Another way to make money easily in Ultima Online is bowcrafting. Making bow for yourself or sell it to NPC would make quite money, though not that much. To make a bow, use an axe and chop logs from trees using lumberjack skill. Then, use the fletching tools in order to turn the logs in shafts. Next step is to kill a burn and get the feathers to make the arrow. Last step is to put shaft and feather together. Repeat these steps until you get quite amount of bow and sell it to NPC to get money.

Actually, there are other ways of making money in Ultima Online. But those ways are the easiest to do for beginner, yet give enough amount of money at the beginning of your journey in this game. However, if you still want to know the rest, there is Cooking (cook fish steak and sell them as 100 fish steaks sold for 400 gold), Animal Taming (tame horse, ostards, fire steeds, dragons, white wyrms, nightmares, or unicorns and sell them for good money),  Alchemy (make motions and sell them), and many more. In short, there are always way to get more money in Ultima Online.