List of the Most Used Skyrim Console Codes

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most complex games that released these times, especially with a lot of Skyrim console codes that available to be done in order to make the game easier. Although some people called it cheating, some others are only thinks that the console codes are only a ‘little help’ to make the game easier. Either way, the usage of Skyrim console codes can possibly cause glitches or error on your game. But most important of all, using console code to make the game easier would surely affect the full game experience. So, do it with your own risks!

On PC version, Skyrim console codes can be accessed using the ` key and open the Cheats Console. You can enter multiple commands one at a time but be wary as some codes are requires you to target certain object with your mouse, while at the same time the console box is open. After the command box opened, you can input any of these Skyrim console codes and see for yourself a great change on your game.

Skyrim Console Codes

Skyrim Console Codes

  • resurrect; this code only can be used if you click a NPC before typing the code. This code will bring NPC back to life. Resurrect is especially useful when NPC was killed accidentally as most NPC are important on the game
  • setessentual <base-id> 0/1; this code will make any NPC mortal or immortal. This code is mostly used when you need to go to dungeon with a lot of tough enemy lurking, so by making your companion NPC staying alive in the dungeon, this code is extremely important.
  • player.modav <attribute> <amount> ; most gamers use this code to modify health, carryweight, magicka, meleedamage, or stamina and the modification will persists after the game loaded. Some gamers think this code is cheating as they can make their character to be very powerful as godlike, though some other only uses the code to increase the carry weight
  • addfac <variable> 1 ; you want to married a NPC or moves a NPC to a faction, use this code. Though some glitches is known to happens a lot
  • equipitem <formid>; a nice code to make your followers NPC stronger as you can make them equip one item, e.g. weapon, from their inventory
  • showinventory ; not really a cheat code as this code only allow you to show the character’s inventory when you click them before typing this code
  • fov <value>; this code is not recommended for beginner as the code allow players to see more to the left and right of their weapon
  • set timescale to # ; having problem with merchant’s stock or money? This code is surely able to help you as this code change the time movement rates
  • additem <base_id> <value> ; this code is very useful for merchant as they can get rid of items and adding money
  • player.additem <base_id> <value>;  absolutely a cheating as you can even get quest item in your inventory

Once again, the usage of any or all of those Skyrim console codes could ruin your mood and experience of playing Skyrim. Moreover, it’s not feels too satisfying if you play the game easily with the skyrim console codes compared to play it honestly.