Xbox System Update February 2012 - Features, Errors, and Fix

A couple days ago, there has been a new mandatory Xbox system update that released for all Xbox LIVE users. The update offers no new features, but fix some color issues and other problem instead. Xbox mentioned that this February 16th Xbox system update will increase the overall performance of Xbox and give better Xbox LIVE experience. The main feature is to fix the color issues when some of the gamers experienced an extra grey layer when watching videos, although not that disturbing. Besides color issues, this Xbox system update is also applied to fix any apps bugs in Xbox LIVE, which further fix of various apps bugs will be coming in the next upcoming months.

Unfortunately, although this update only fixes a few things, there seems to be more problems occur as an impact of this Xbox system update. Many gamers are reporting various problems after they install the update on their Xbox. Those reports are being discussed on Xbox official support forum and other gamer forum as well. Up until now, a couple of problem has solved, but most gamers are not that lucky as their Xbox seems won’t be running well after installing the February update. Beside those various systems update problems; there are basically three main problems that occur after gamers install this latest system update for Xbox. Read the problem’s details below.

Xbox System Update February 2012

Xbox System Update February 2012

The first problem is there are green flickering lines in transitions from Menu in the game. These green mostly occur when the screen went black while changing menu. Although the game mostly still able to load normally, but the green flickering lines will still appear even when you playing some games, which is really disturbing.  Unfortunately, there is no response yet from Xbox support regarding this problem. However, some gamers have tried to reinstall the system update and their Xbox seems to be just fine.

Next most common problem after installing February Xbox system update is the Xbox seems to be bricked and get nowhere after the splash screen. Sometimes, it even froze at the logo screen. Most of the time, the cause of this problem is the update is not compatible with the hardware, so they cause the system to be bricked. When your Xbox is bricked, there will be no response after the splash page or logo page as if it’s frozen for good. Xbox support has response to this matter and promises a new fix to solve this problem is coming soon. For the mean time, you can try to unplug the Kinect from the Xbox console, unplug your console as well, and plug all those back after a few minutes. If this method doesn’t work, then your only option is to wait for the fix to be released.

And the third most common problem after installing the Xbox system that launched recently is the Xbox will not be able to read any games or DVD’s anymore. Again, Xbox support only gives a simple advice to remove the Xbox 360 dashboard update, and then try to re-download it while connect directly to the internet. To remove the update, go to Settings > System > Storage > and press the button sequence by the following order: left, right, X, left, right, and X. Hopefully those helps on the Xbox system update problems.