Dragons Claws List: Sapphire Claw Skyrim Included

Sapphire Claw Skyrim is one of the Dragon Claws, which are considered as special item that used to open puzzle doors in the game. There are various kinds of Dragon Claws, which each claws only useful to open a specific door. Some of the doors are related to quest so the existence of Dragon Claws is very important, while some others are only for random dungeons. Either way, there is nothing to lose to collect all the Dragon Claws.

As mentioned before, each of Dragon Claws are unique. They are also made from precious gems so you can also sell it to gain money. However, by using Dragon Claws to open puzzle doors in dungeon, you will get more than just money inside. Most of the time, the puzzle’s solution is written on the three circles that located in the underside of Dragon Claws. That is why examine the claw more closely by zooming it is the best known way to solve any puzzle doors related to Dragon Claws.

Besides Sapphire Claw Skyrim, there are other Dragon Claws available in game, which each claws can be found in different places and can open different puzzle doors. Here is the list of Dragon Claws in Skyrim and other detailed information about each claw:

Sapphire Claw Skyrim

Sapphire Claw Skyrim

  • Coral Claw; this claw can be obtained from a shop keeper in Winterhold named Birna. You can purchase it from her for 50 Gold. However, you can also get this claw at the Yngol Barrows that located in Northeast of Windhelm if you have not talk to Birna before. Coral Claw is able to open the puzzle door in Yngol Barrow with the Glyph order of Snake, Wolf, and Moth
  • Diamond Claw; this claw can be found during ‘The World-Eater’s Eyrie’ quest in a Draugr Overlord at Skuldafn. The Glyph order for this claw is Fox, Moth, and Dragon
  • Ebony Claw; although can be found on Korvanjund during ‘The Jagged Crown’ quest, you still need to look harder as it placed a little hidden at the next to two dead bodies of Imperial Legioon Solders or Stromcloaks. This claw is used to open the Nordic puzzle door that placed in front of it. The Glyph order is Fox, Moth, Dragon
  • Emerald Claw; can be found on an altar near a body inside the Reachwater Rock, where this claw is also able to open the puzzle doors hear. The Glyph order is Bear, Whale, Snake
  • Glass Claw; during the ‘Siege on the Dragon Cult’ quest, you can found this claw on Forelhost Refactory. The Glyph order is Wolf, Owl, Snake
  • Golden Claw; obtained in Bleak Falls Barrow. The Glyph order is Bear, Moth, Owl
  • Iron Claw; can be found on the Nordic dungeon of Valthume. The Glyph order is Dragon, Hawk, Wolf
  • Ivory Claw; can be found in Folgunthur. You can use it to unlock access to a Dragon Shout. The Glyph order is Hawk, Hawk, Dragon
  • Ruby Claw; both found and used during ‘Tending The Flames’ quest on Dead Men’s Respite. The Glyph order is Wolk, Hawk, Wolf
  • Sapphire Claw; Sapphire Claw Skyrim is obtainable in Vilemyr Inn of Ivarstead from an inn keeper named Wilhelm. This Sapphire Claw Skyrim is also important for finishing the quest on Shroud Hearth Barrow. The Glyph order is Butterfly, Owl, Wolf

So, there are indeed a number of Dragon Claws that is only optional as it has no relation at all to any quest. However, there are also a couple of Dragon Claws that is very important as it related to in-game quest, such as Sapphire Claw Skyrim.