Hemp Tycoon - Marijuana Farming Games from Adult Swim

Tycoon - Marijuana Farming Games from Adult Swim. Hemp Tycoon is farming game that involving marijuana growing that similar with Pot Farm or Weeds Social Club. However, this game from Adult Swim is claimed to be more focusing on business aspect than avoiding police and growing marijuana safely like offered by other games. This genre is pretty much popular since those two games released and eventually there will other similar games that will be released following the successful of this kind of game. Also, unlike those two games, Hemp Tycoon will provide the player with assistant and guide, which is a talking leaf, that will guide you about game step by step, quests, teach to grow hemp, and surely expands your hemp.

Hemp Tycoon will be a very easy game if you at least ever play the Facebook famous game, FarmVille as it offers similar gameplay. Story wise, Hemp Tycoon starts with you as the owner of a farm located inside a tree house with 70s style. In this ‘hideout’, you must prepare pots of soil and plant various kind of hemp seeds within. Each hemp will grow in a couple times (real time), ranging from 15 seconds fastest to several hours. As you guess, the longer the leaf grows, the more money you can get from that plant. Later in the game, you will be able to water them that able to reduce the standard growth time.

Hemp Tycoon

Hemp Tycoon

After the seed you plant grows, you can simply harvest the leaf as the main money maker in this Hemp Tycoon. Just don’t forget the time it will mature as if it’s not harvested within time, the plant will simply spoil and you got no money at all. But if access your Facebook account a lot, it will be no problem as it requires several hours to rot. The easiest way to play this game is to login at least two or three times a day to check on your plant. Next on Hemp Tycoon, after all the leaves are harvested, you can sell them around and get more money to expand your hemp farm to neighborhood. But besides money, you still need to reach certain levels to do so.

Purchasing buildings, increase pot leaves number, various products of hemp (hemp milk, hemp beef, or hemp candy), are only a few of unlockables in this Hemp Tycoon, so make sure you reach high level to get the best out of this game. Some of new equipments and items will also appear if your level is high enough so you can play this game easier. Besides unlockables, there are also some premium items that can only bought using Facebook credits aka real money, including Rasta Bot that able to reduce production time, standard fertilizer, and other items and equipments that can make Hemp Tycoon far easier than usual. But none of these premiums are actually needed to enjoy the game, especially if you love to play patiently.

In the end, although there is other game that involving marijuana and hemp as its main idea, Hemp Tycoon offers something different as it is focusing on expanding your business and get new items and seeds in order to make your business bigger. So without any more word, Hemp Tycoon is a game that any farming game fans should play.