Far Cry 3 from Ubisoft will be Available in Q4 2012

Far Cry 3 is the next series of the famous shooter game made by Crytek, the Far Cry. But the difference is, this latest series is now developed by Ubisoft, which has been widely known as great developer that has develop a lot of best selling games for PC. Actually, this series of Far Cry is already revelead since the E3 event last year. At that time, most audience and attendants are stunned by its awesome visual quality and unique characters. Not to mention that the predecessor of this game also known as one of the PC game that requires high spec PC to play, which means that the Far Cry series are offering  great quality of visual since the very beginning.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3

Unfortunately, since the announcement made last year, there are no more information about Far Cry 3, its development progress, and surely the release date for almost a year. But recently, a new trailer of this game was found out all over internet with some of official screenshots and description, which only means that Ubisoft has finally close to finish developing this great game. According to the trailer, there are a lot of rumors about this game spread at these days, mentioning guess of gamers and experts alike about this game.

Story wise, Far Cry 3 started by following the story of Jason Brody as the main character. Jason was ended up in an island that many seedy characters dwell, together with his best friend and his girlfriend as well. Later on, the story continues when a group of mercenaries kill Jason’s best friend and kidnap his girlfriend, which makes the next moment of this game become a mission to save his girlfriend. Unfortunately, there is no further information about the story, which makes the trailer even more tempting to Far Cry and shooter game fans all over the world.

Other information that confirmed by Ubisoft is they promise that Far Cry 3 visual will look good on Xbox 360, looks great on PlayStation 3, and looks awesome in PC, which only means that this latest game of Far Cry will be released to those three platforms. Seeing the trailer and screenshots that appear, it looks like the Ubisoft’s promise about the quality of visual is fulfilled. This great visual quality as well as the unique gameplay of Far Cry are differs this series from other first person shooter game. As we all know, most first person shooter doesn’t care too much about visual and gameplay as as long as the plaers get to shot something with extremely deadly weapons, they are done.

And the last information found about Far Cry 3 is regarding its release date. Some information mentioned that this game will be released on Q4 of 2012 or on September 4 for North America and September 7 on Europe to be precise. So, looking at the trailer released by Ubisoft, it looks like Far Cry 3 will also get such a huge success as its predecessors this time.