Black Ops 2 Rumors: New Weapons is Coming

Although Black Ops 2 still not released yet, there are a lot of rumors and info about Black Ops 2, including about the weapons and perks that will be available in this game. As first person shooter game, weapons certainly cannot be separated from this game. In fact, many gamers and first person shooter fans are expecting that there will be such a new weapon available in this game later when it is finally released. The same thing also happened on perks, as this thing could help the gamers to get the best experience of such a sensational game.

Some of the most rumored new weapons that will be available on Black Ops 2 are the assault rifles, sub machine guns, and grenades, which unfortunately those rumors didn’t mention the type and properties of the new weapons. It has no longer a secret that in a first person shooter game such as this game, choosing a weapon is one of the most important things to do. Each player has their own play style, which also mean that they will use different weapon that they think suits them best. Some of them probably use the weapon that has better penetration capacities, but some other probably chooses the one with good accuracy. Rate of fire, damage inflicted, and weight is also need to be taken into consideration when choosing weapon in this game.

Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2

Talking about assault rifles, then we should be talking about the tremendous amount of damage that this type of weapon can inflict. Not only the penetration level, in Black Ops 2, the new weapon on this type is even expected to offers better accurate for middle or long ranges, while the midsize clip remain. Similar with the previous version of Black Ops, assault rifles is recommended to use in campaign mission as it offers such versatility that surely will extremely usable on such mission.

But when it comes to close range firing, then the submachine guns of Black Ops 2 certainly become the most popular options for most gamers. Fast rate of fire and light weight of this kind of weapon become the best reason of its popularity, although the light damage inflicted to enemies can be backfired to the players. Sub machine gun is recommended to be used on single player modes due to its fast fire rate. Not to mention that it also has quite some accuracy so the player can even depends on sub machine gun for middle range of shot.

Last, but not least is grenade. It seems like every first person shooter gamers would bring a grenade or two with them all the time. Great damage to multiple enemies is mentioned as the best reason why every player needs to bring some grenades. Also, grenade could be a great help when the player is run out of ammo. With variety of grenade offered already in the previous version of Black Ops, it would be very interesting to see what kind of new grenade that will be introduced in the Black Ops 2.