Brawl Buster Review - Five Different Classes to Choose

Another MMO games called Brawl Buster is coming recently, which is offering 3D graphic in Action gameplay. Although this game is an Action game, player will be able to choose their character and strengthen them in order to go further the game, which is pretty similar gameplay as the RPG. Either way, Brawl Buster, which is published by Rock Hippo Productions & Weezor, is a must played game for every online action and RPG fans.

Story wise, Brawl Buster starts where the players enter a world that overrun by zombies, who is the player’s main enemy and treasure chest as by beating those zombies, players can get experience and finally switch their character’s class into five different classes available. After that, players are free to take solo missions, fight with friends, PVP, or compete in death matches. So, bust those zombies out and earn yourself a title of the toughest buster.

Besides the high 3D graphic offered, Brawl Buster also offers various features, including various missions, varied maps and modes, fast paced game play, quick join feature, and great musical store. However, there are also some of minus point of this action adventure game, such as the limited character’s customization, shop items and weaponry are still limited, repetitive gameplay, and no-quite-decent controls. But overall, it is a great game especially for RPG and action fans that looking for a fast paced battle instead of turn based battle that offered by most MMORPG these days.

Regarding the classes offered by Brawl Buster, here is the list:

Brawl Buster

Brawl Buster

  • Slugger; players that choose this class is armed with bat and baseballs, which deadly swings become their main weapon. This class is especially perfect for long range attacks, but coming at slow speed
  • Firefighter; instead of put down fire, this Firefighter class turn up the heat and blast enemies and zombies with flames as well as grenades. Coming as the slowest movement speed class, Firefighter make their weakness up with high HP and high defensive
  • Rocker; with electric guitar that shoots lightning and zaps enemies, Rocker is the best class of Brawl Buster for beginner. Besides its cool animation, the balanced stats and wide range of attack of Rockers are also believed to make the game easier for beginner as they can hit the enemies near or far effectively
  • Boxer; speed and attack become a great pair to the boxing gloves as Boxer main weapon. Character with this class can easy knock enemies down with one two punch even without them realize what hits them. The only backward of this class is it has the lowest HP of all classes
  • Blitzer; if any players that seek for power, then Blitzer is their class without a doubt. With mighty strength, this class can easily inflict heavy damage to all opponents in short and long distance

Although there are only 5 classes over all in this Brawl Buster, the great animated graphic and 3D effect makes this game simply become popular. Not to mention that it’s easy to play gameplay that makes gamers who just love to hit some punch are going to love this Brawl Buster without a doubt.