RuneScape Guide: Levels of Clue Scroll

For you who still not understand, clue scroll is an item that dropped by certain monster in Runescape, though there are many other ways to get this item without defeating monster. This scroll will then need to be read and solve the clue inside in order to get the rewards, which depends on the class of clue you have. There are various ways to solve the puzzle in the clue scroll, such as search in crates, dig up scroll box, talk to a person, and many others. So, you can expect to spend a lot of time just to solve the clues as there will be another clue right after you solved one, and you must need to solve a number of clues in order to obtain the rewards.

There are four levels of clue scroll, which higher level of this scroll meaning the rewards are more varying and more valuable. Here is the level of clue scroll and its brief description:

Clue Scroll

Clue Scroll

  • Level 1; this is considered as easy, short, and less risky scrolls. This kind of clues can be obtained from various methods, including a drop from low level monster, by pickpocket H.A.M members, or as rewards from various quest and activity, including Evil Tree, Shades of Mort’ton, Miscellania, and Caskets.
  • Level 2; as medium level of clue, this level offers more complex clues to solve, including coordinate cluse that require Sextant, Watch, and Chart to complete. The fastest way to obtain a level 2 clue is to killing Pyrefiends, though it doesn’t always works all the time
  • Level 3; certainly harder than the previous levels as clues with this levels requires longer time to solve, not to mention also harder to solve. Level 3 Coordinate clues will always summon Zamorak wizard or Saradomin Wizard depends on your position, whether you are inside wilderness or outside wilderness. Most of the time, clue scroll in this level also rewarding with expensive rewards such as rune items or third age armor
  • Level 4; the highest level of clue scroll up until now, mostly called as Elite level. The fastest way to obtain this level of clues are killing Boss monsters, including GWD bosses, Kalphite queen, Dagannoth Kings, Bork and Corporeal beast, The Skeletal Horror, Strykewyrms, or Metal Dragons. As elite level, these clues are certainly the hardest and longest clues to solve ever with high possibility to encounter Guthix wizard that can inflict poison. Also, there are three additional types of puzzles in this level that are not encountered in the lower level, including Celtic Knot, The Compass, and Scan. Each of clues solved will give you a great rewards, depends on the clues. However, there are also some cases where the rewards are not worth the effort to solve the clue, though it’s rarely happen.

Many Runescape gamers believe that playing Runescape without getting each and every level of clue scroll is not like playing at all. But still, these clue scrolls are absolutely optional, though the rewards you can get from clue scroll are able to strengthen your character even more.