Wreak Novelty Havoc and Chaos with Wabbajack Skyrim

Wabbajack Skyrim is simply awesome and beyond godlike. It is one of Daedric artifacts available in the game. It is strong, relentless, and supports novelty. In the game, you can find a book titled “Wabbajack”, containing the lore and legends of Wabbajack. It is a long, dark-colored staff with face expressions as its head. Actually, the face on the head of the staff is based on the face of the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogerath, the one that gives the Wabbajack Skyrim to the Dragonborn in a quest called “The Mind of Madness”. Even though it is a Daedric artifact weapon, uses can absorb Wabbajack Skyrim’s effect and it is rechargeable just like enchanted weapons. You can shoot the charges 200 times before needing to recharge it.

For your info, you can find “The Mind of Madness” quest on Solitude. Talk to the mad beggar named Dervenin found at the streets around Bards College. He will ask you to return his master to his duties and he will give you the hipbone of Pelagius. His master is located in Pelagius wing of Blue Palace. Enter the palace by either forcing the steward after completing the quest “The Man Who Cried Wolf” or pickpocketing one of the cleaning staffs. If you have high speech skill, you can rather intimidate her to get the key. Just proceed through the Pelagius wing until you are force-travelled to a strange place. In the strange place, you automatically wear fine clothes. The place is a wood and a big dinner is held on the center of it with two men sitting at the table. The depressed man is Pelagius III and the other one is Mr. Sheogorath, the Mad Daedric Prince. He is the beggar’s master. Before returning, he will require you to escape from Pelagius’ Mind, the place where you are now. Sheogorath will give you the Wabbajack to easen your quest. You will enter three scenarios and you have to solve it with the Wabbajack Skyrim only. After completing all scenarios, talk to Sheogorath and he will ask you to keep the Wabbajack Skyrim.

Wabbajack Skyrim’s effect is exactly like the lore. It is strong and powerful, very well-suited for battles against strong opponents like Dragon Priests and Dragons. It is true that the Wabbajack can tackle and slay a dragon in not more than 7 hits. On the other hand, Wabbajack Skyrim is well-known for its random effects. When you shoot the magical projectile from the Wabbajack and it hits the opponent, there will be a flash of light and after that the random effect happens. The effects range from overpoweringly strong elemental attacks, Daedra summonings, and ridiculously novelty transformations. The use of the Wabbajack Skyrim, Sheogorath’s boomstick, is clearly forbidden in towns and holds. Just note that Wabbajack does not only give you advantages over your enemy, sometimes, the legendary Daedric weapon can turn the tables on you and pits you in disadvantages. You can see the list of the random-occurring effects below:

Wabbajack Skyrim

Wabbajack Skyrim

Elemental Spells
  • Fireball
  • Thunderbolt
  • Explosive Frost Rune
  • Ice Spike

  • Bunny
  • Dremora Lord
  • Chicken
  • Spectral
  • Mudcrab
  • Sweetroll
  • Coin shower
  • Gender change

Status, Spells
  • Drain stamina
  • Absorb health
  • Invisibility
  • Cloning
  • Trips target
  • Steal Armor
  • Confusion
  • Flee
  • Instant Kill
  • Heal
  • Disintegrate

  • Dremora (fighting for target)
  • Mudcrab
  • Daedra Kyndroth

Those effects are only applicable to enemies other than dragons, story NPCs, and kids. Dragons and VIP NPCs only get the elemental spell effects. Just so you know, transforming enemies does not kill them. It only works as a temporary spell and the targets will retransform back in time or by hit. There are exceptions though, targets that transform into sweetrolls or coins don’t come back. There are several bugs that you have to know. Sometimes, instead of transforming guards to what they are destined to be, it will summon it next to the them. What important is, don’t use Wabbajack Skyrim on a Dremora Lord, the game will crash into nothingness.

Remember that Wabbajack Skyrim is not enough to protect you from taking an arrow in your knees.