Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay + Upcoming First DLC on Jan 24th

Modern Warfare 3 gameplay offers one of the best existing first-person shooter experience. The Modern Warfare 3 was released about two months ago in the same month with the release of the latest EA and DICE’s epic first-person shooter franchise, Battlefield 3. And the first downloadable content that includes two maps is available this January. Like what it predecessors always deliver, Modern Warfare 3 gameplay involves Hollywood-class singleplayer story plus fun and frantic multiplayer mode. Modern Warfare 3, the latest installment of the Modern Warfare series in the Call of Duty franchise, is now developed by three developers for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3 version. Infinity Ward is helped by Sledgehammer Games and assisted by Raven Software to carefully craft this beautiful, state-of-the-art shooter. This game is released by Activision worldwide and Square Enix in Japan.

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay

Just what to expect from MW 3 gameplay, it receives high review scores all over the internet in average of 9 out of 10, at least for the PC and console versions. Despite the great score that the console version had received from trustworthy reviewers, the 3DS version simply suck and it deserved the score of 6 out of 10 as a mediocre game. Nevertheless, other than describing the gameplay of this game, I will add news regarding Modern Warfare 3 upcoming first DLC, be sure to read to the end!

I am going to focus on the multiplayer gameplay instead of the singleplayer since the singleplayer is not really different from the previous ones aside from the new story and characters. There is a new co-op mode in the game that is called Survival mode. The mode’s system is similar to the zombies mode in both World at War and Black Ops, except the zombies. You can play with your friend for survival from unending waves of soldiers. You can earn cash to buy equipments and ammos, just like the zombie mode. The Special Ops mode is also back to emphasize the trademark or exclusive features in the Modern Warfare series.

Even though the competitive multiplayer is similar to its predecessors and has no huge improvement, it is still fun and exciting to play. Infinity Ward has removed things in the multiplayer mode to “balance” the game more. Infinity run perk and One-Man Army perk is deleted for the sake of righteousness. The instant prone position from the standing position is removed to reduce the lag and instability of the multiplayer game. One of the most notable update is the killstreak system. Instead of being called killstreak, it is called pointstreak now. You can earn streak not only from kills, but also from points earned by completing objectives like capturing flag, planting bomb, et cetera.

There are also two new game modes in the multiplayer Modern Warfare 3 gameplay called Kill Confirmed and Team Defender. Kill Confirmed is similar to Team Deathmatch with new feature. Your kills don’t count before you take the enemy’s dogtag on the dead body. Enemy team can take the dog tag to deny your kill. Team Defender pits two teams fighting over a flag dropped by the First Blood victim. Score points by killing. The team that holds the flag gets double points.

Now it is time for the downloadable content news! Instead of being called downloadable contents, they are called “content drops”. Activision will drop the contents first for Elite members in Xbox LIVE and continuing to other platforms’ Elite subscribers. The contents include 2 maps called “Piazza” and ”Liberation”. “Piazza” involves tight spaces and narrow corridors, the map is made for close-quarter, frantic combat. It also features downhill-uphill battle since it takes place in an Italic mountainside. The “Liberation” is very different compared to “Piazza” and features a slightly different MW 3 gameplay. “Liberation” is a wide map with mounted machine guns on both sides, well-suited for objective-based game. The map takes place in the Central Park, just after the New York’s battle. This Modern Warfare 3 content drops will be available for Xbox LIVE’s Elite subscribers on the 24th of January 2012. The DLC will land publicly sometimes in March. Well, isn’t the Modern Warfare 3 gameplay and DLC promising?