The Witcher Enhanced Edition Only $2.5 on Amazon

Hey yo cheapskates! We are back again in the Venomous Sales article, and now it is The Witcher Enhanced Edition's turn to be discussed following recent overwhelming new year sales. I don’t know why, the new year celebration of 2012 follows with unbelievable sales and discounts. So insane that the sales are injecting venom into our veins that tempt us to shop and scrap our wallets empty before we know it.

The sales of The Witcher Enhanced Edition in Amazon a few days ago was simply reckless and relentless. Chopping the price off like chopping meat, a whopping marvelous western RPG game only cost a mere two and a half dollars. That’s absolutely right, two dollars and 50 cents. That price is unimaginable. Downloadable, DRM-free version of The Witcher Enhanced Edition cost less than my everyday lunch!

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Unfortunately, that unbelievable price is no longer available. But, you can still buy the digital download version of The Witcher Enhanced Version – Director’s Cut in both Steam and Amazon for ten bucks, no more and no less. With that price, it is still considered cheap and The Witcher Enhanced Edition definitely worth more than ten bucks.

The original version came out in October 2007 while the enhanced version landed about a year later. The enhanced version contains redundant contents, adding more spice in the game. Included in the game, graphics upgrade and retextures, bug fixes, lots of new animations, dialogue corrections, brand new inventory system, and helluva faster load times! To excites the fans more, CDProjeckt added two new adventures, which are The Price of Neutrality and Side Effects, lengthening the game for five hours more. The D’Jinni Adventure Editor that allows you to make your own adventure is also included in the pack. The retail version adds soundtrack CD, Making of DVD, short story from The Last Wish, Map of Temeria, official strategy guide, and Audio CD that contains “inspired by” songs. CDProjeckt invested a million dollars making the enhanced version and it turns out that it was worth it.

To avoid further confusion, I want to explain the enhanced version’s type. There are the regular enhanced edition, director’s cut (old), and director’s cut (new). The regular enhanced edition contains all those extra contents and nothing more. Director’s Cut is actually the same with the regular enhanced version with a censorship patch that removes the North America’s censorship. The old and new Director’s Cut is identical, the difference is the publisher. While Polish release is published by CDProjeckt, the global edition is published by Atari, Inc. If you happen to have already owned the boxed retail version of the vanilla and have registered yours on the official forum, you can download the extras of the enhanced edition with no extra charge.

Last words, this game is purely filled with actions and goodass story with RPG elements. This is one of the best western RPG that ever exist in the world, rivaling the Fallout series and the Elder Scrolls franchise. As stated in a book called 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, this really gives you the one of the best, top-class western RPG feel. For less than ten bucks, no doubt that The Witcher Enhanced Edition is highly-wanted.