How to: Temple Run Glitch - Unlimited Straight Run

Recently, Temple Run has gained more fame than ever in the internet. This is really tied to Temple Run glitch. Temple Run was released a few months ago, on the 4th of August 2011. It is only available on iOS also IPod and IPad. Temple Run is a game about a man called Guy Dangerous, an Indiana Jones wannabe explorer that steals treasures from ancient temple and get trapped in crumbling temples because of it. Every character in Temple Run is doomed because sooner or later, every one of them will die. Like other iOS arcade games, there is no storyline, the objective is to attain the highest score possible. Your job is to lead Guy Dangerous or other defiled grave robbers to run from the crumbling temple and avoid obstacles as far as you can as well as staying alive. Temple Run is really popular now and people are starting to post their highscore on forums, websites, blogs, and even videos in Youtube. The truth is, not all of them are honest. Even though it has been through several updates to fix things up and currently is on version1.4.1, there is still an exploitable Temple Run Glitch.

The game is actually fun without the Temple Run glitch. You can play as Guy Dangerous or other six characters that can be unlocked by paying a certain amount of coins. Coins are earned in the game. As you are running the temple, you can grab coins and power-ups. If you are some crazily rich guy or won’t be bothered by spending your hard-earned money for virtual money, you can purchase the 20,000 coins for twenty bucks. Yeah, really worth it.

The coins are used for buying items and contents such as characters, power-up upgrades, and utilities. When you are running the temple, you will also find that utilities are useful. Utilities can be used once any time in the game, it is like your initial inventory and you can pre-choose it. Power-ups, on the other hand, have to be acquired while running and it is temporary, meaning, it will disappear after usage or after your character dies.

The Temple Run glitch will allow Guy Dangerous’s way to be straighter than ever, I meant absolutely straight. You will not need to dodge obstacles, no effort needed, lie back as Guy Dangerous run straight through freely forever and after. Well, at least until you decide that he should stop. Step-by-step instructions below:

Temple Run Glitch

Temple Run Glitch

Enter the title screen
Of course, this is ridiculously obvious.

Open the Option
Click or tap the option menu in the title screen.

Turn on Tutorial Mode
Turn it on in the option. Any other options are not related and won’t give any effect.

Start the Game
Now, get running with your favorite character. There will be a tutorial on how to turn on your screen. Note that this is essential.

Turn Right with Two Lightning Speed Sweeps
When you approach your first right turn, instead of sweeping once to turn, double-sweep as fast as you can.

If you do it right and fast enough, the glitch will be activated. You will know that it is successful if the camera turns around and your character runs non-stop in a straight pathway. If not, just quit to the title screen and start another game.

There are also consequences when using the glitch. First, there won’t be any coins, the only way to get coins is from mega coins. If you are lucky. There will be power-ups in the game, otherwise. It is not that bad. Don’t worry because this Temple Run glitch won’t affect anything other than the scores. If you are sick seeing your character running non-stop, crash him to one of the sides. With the unlimited score Temple Run glitch, you can boast your impossible high score on your friends. Boasting in the internet is useless though because a lot of people have already known this Temple Run glitch.